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June 2019
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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Consider a traveler who has no internet connection: not even bluetooth. And, they get personalized LIVE notifications! Airports can benefit
Elevator pitch
What if airports and airlines are able to provide a personlized experience to every traveler irrespective of their mobile connectivity? What if airlines and airports have new ways of monetizing this in unprecedented ways?
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Consumer, Enterprise
Airports, Aviation, Travel
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Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android), API
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Investment, networking, mentorship
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Tuesday, August 25, 2020 20:26 (Venkatesh Madurai Subramanian)

Business model

Describe the problem you are solving
During the journey, the travellers' sources of information are all siloed and the traveller has to rely on multiple sources.
Internet connection at airports can be a challenge as most airports offer free wi-fi only for a short duration. Further, many airports are plagued by excessive load on the wi-fi system.

One of our features, which is patent pending, enables sending push notifications to a traveller's phone that is completely disconnected from any network!
How are your customers solving that problem today?
Today passengers refer to different sources themselves, either digitally or in person.

International passengers have to spend more to get cellular roaming
Target custormers - Define customers, who are they
How do you plan to acquire customers?
Multiple options: 1st one is to tie up with airports and then with airlines in a B2B model

Later, this can be expanded to online travel agents, travel management companies, and so on.

The platform can evolve as a shared market place for multiple stakeholders
What is your revenue model or expected revenue model?
In the B2B model, airports stand to make exponential revenue from personalized promotions (a.k.a. advertisements)

The online airport e-commerce model would not generate as much revenues as the margins usually tend to be slim for airports.

In terms of our revenue model with airports, we are pursuing a transaction based revenue system.

Airports can also stand to make additional revenues by partnering with airlines.

Market info

What is your target market?
The airports of the world
What is your total available market size
$ 100,000,000
What steps have you taken to validate the market?
Multiple discussions with airports within India

Demonstrating the solution at work within 3 Indian Airports

Discussion with various business travellers who are frequent travellers

Discussions with Industry experts on the solutions and the potential
Do you have competitors? Please write down the names
Competitor name
Competitor website
Competition: write down competitors and explain
Who are your competitors and how are you different?
Our patent pending solution is different.

When used by airports, it shows the commitment to communicate valuable information to every passenger even if their phone is disconnected from any network
Traction / KPIs
What progress have you made in the last six months?
During the lock-down periods following the Covid19 pandemic, traction has been very less.

However we managed to find our unique patent pending solution, which we perfected, tested and have brought it to a shape where it can be deployed at scale in any airport worldwide.

Post the patent application, with cautious optimism returning for the travel industry, our potential customers have begun taking a keen interest in our unique solution
How many customers/users do you currently have?
None: we developed this solution during the Covid19 lockdown period
What is your monthly growth rate?
None, so far. We are yet to get customers
Describe traction


How much runway do you have left(Month)?
How is equity divided?
Equity type
Name surname
Venkatesh Madurai Subramanian
% 33
Pranab Tupili
% 33
Yogita Newar
% 34
How much money raised since start?
$ 15,000
Revenue lifetime
$ 0
Last months revenue
$ 0
Investment round
Target fund to raise
$ 1,000,000
Equity on offer
% 10
Number of employees
Other info Write bullet points (Grants, prizes, acceleration)
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Owner member
Member role
Name surname
Venkatesh Madurai Subramanian
Master's Degree
School name
Henley Management College
07 April 1969
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Short Bio
Over 25 years in the travel industry. 1st E-commerce application in 1997. Hardcore Software Development experience in Travel Technology, with experience spanning 4 countries. Passionate about Travel, Technology, Life Coaching and any kind of adventure (sky diver, scuba diver, hang gliding)
Meeting story with Cofounders
I recruited them in my previous organization about a decade ago when my previous organization was ramping up their operations in India.
All my co founders were recruited by me there.
I daresay that our team was the envy of many others as we had had unprecedented engagement levels within the team and an indomitable team spirit.
We undertook several projects together that was a 1st for the organization in many ways and delivered successfully every time: Air Berlin, Cathay Pacific, to name a few
Working together time
We have all known each other for at least 11 years in the co founding team.
In the previous organization, we were all together for the 1st 3 years where we forged a highly successful team. Among the other Co-Founders : i had recruited one of them as a lead and the other as software engineers. They had all grown in their career post the initial project within that organization, to leave it last year. We then created TTakeoff together.