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We produce sandcrete block that has adequate tensile strength compare to what is in the community.
  • Sector Block Production
  • Country Nigeria
  • Founding date January 2017
  • Stage Users
Most clients have lost money, properties and even lifes as a result of less quality blocks and bricks use in building their home and stores. To forestall this, we subjected our products to comprehensive test before delivery. we also render supervision support to all our customers at a reduced price.


Block Production
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android))


Customer acquisition strategy
Through our value proposition we plan to acquire customers and these are
a. Mondatory comprehensive test analysis on our products.
b. Delivery package at affordable Price
c. Ensure customer caring services always.
d. Window for project design and supervision at a reduced price for our customers.
e. Other marketing strategies that shall be employed include online/ social media,promotional strategies and distribution strategies like brake-even method and sniper's Mentality Approach methods.
Revenue model
There two methods we apply in our record keeping and these are Live In First Out (LIFO) and Fist In First Out (FIFO). However our. choice of method here shall be definitely depend on market price conditions of materials and its stability. I.e inflation rate of production materials at the period of production.

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Bello Abdullateef
% 100
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% 100.0


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