simplified food growing system to feed the world
  • Sector Food & nutrition, Social entrepreneurship & Impact, Education, Social media
  • Country Indonesia
  • Founding date May 2019
  • Stage Paying users
Food is one of the primary of human needs, we believed it might be a solution for food security and bring positive social impact, by reeducating people to grow their own food with our simple and adaptable method, especially in any challenging area in the world, such as areas with limited access to land and water, and with your help lets together we bring hope of food acces the global community


Food & nutrition, Social entrepreneurship & Impact, Education, Social media
Consumer, Enterprise, Hardware, Software
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android), Server software (ie, databases))


Target customer
Goverment institutions, private, enterprise, academics, customers
Customer acquisition strategy
Social Media Penetration, member get member strategy, Trainings
Revenue model
We generate revenue from create online and offline training programs, and we are also creating and selling products, such as starter kits, ebook, merchandise, and all kind of FishCulture and aquaphonic needs, and the most important is community development and empowerment such as create a learning center and revolving capital for our community member to help them growing SMEs, and in the near future we are also developing an integrated mobile applications to connect all benefits to all users

Market info

Market size
We cannot found any apple to apple competition with what we are doing at the moment, and also we are more encourage collaboration more than competing with any one's
Startup traction
Start from our first time launch our methods to the public, at the moment we had more then 40.000 followers and active members that connected with us actively through online discussions platform such as WhatsApp groups, slack, and also telegram, we are also lunched and developed our website to let more people to have better access to connect with us, on the side of delivering trainings we already did so many training sessions with locals universities, companies, and communities more then 20 provinces in our country, and the request its still growing, we are also preparing our active members to be involved with the programs and becoming our official budikdamber representatives to give training, creating products such as starter kits and other creative kits and tools to applied our methods

Total early investment
Shareholder structure
Owner type
% 50
% 50
Investment round
Angel Investment
Investment amount
Equity on offer
% 30.0


Rizky Tizar  - Indonesia
Juli Nursandi Juli  - Indonesia
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Last update: 05.08.2020