Agro farm Chitral

Vegetable production company
  • Sector Agriculture Business
  • Country Pakistan
  • Founding date August 2018
  • Stage Prototype
My aim is to produce fresh vegetables and seeds for the people of locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. Because chitral district have the capability to produce all kinds of vegetable with low investment and mostly off season vegetable so it's good for the people and generate more in


Agriculture Business
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android), Server software (ie, databases))


Target customer
Customer acquisition strategy
Revenue model
1. Production of vegetable on our own field. service is also for the revenue generation.
3.quality is also a source of revenue model
Ist of all we produce vegetable through our on field and then it will be delivered to the door steps and also use a proper website in future vegetable Mart online shopping of vegetable

Market info

Market size
Competitor name
Competitor website
Local shop keeper and provider from.lower district
Competitors are the local shops keeper and the some provider which take vegetable from others district here is a big problem of transport because of the mostly mountain areas and take to took more time to reach here so when the vegetables come from the other district then the main problem is that the vegetables is no fresh because of the taken time to bring here and due to the he transportation the price also high.

Total early investment
Shareholder structure
Owner type
Shah Khalid
% 100
Investment round
Angel Investment
Investment amount
Equity on offer
% 100.0


Shah Khalid  - Pakistan
Total team member
In future my plane is to used modern agriculture and modern technology to produce off-season vegetable and also to produce seeds as well. Modern agriculture like tunnel farming is a good method to increase production in a small field and also a good method to produce off-season vegetables. Tunnel farming now a days very good to produce products because that the climate change now a day more effect the open farming and here also the population increases daily and their feeding is going down because of the climate change like temperature raising, in summer season there are very more raining and winter season there are less precipitation chance and also it's chance increasing on daily basis so now the world need to improve the production through such kind of modern agriculture uses and such farmers they are doing open farming they should to motivate to modern agriculture like tunnel farming and so on.
Last update: 28.03.2020