• Sector Social entrepreneurship & Impact
  • Country India
  • Founding date January 2020
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Hey! Sir we are from Hisar ,Haryana ,India and we are the founders and we want to tell you that we are making Hair growth oil and it is very different from other Hair oils because it start doing work in a first wash and this Hair oil doesn't have any bad effect and became helpful to create monopol


Social entrepreneurship & Impact
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android))


Target customer
Target customers are both male and female it is also for both sex.
Customer acquisition strategy
Marketing offline and online .
Revenue model
Revenue model of our company will be made by the help of investors because investers are main in our start up growth. But now we have just a business idea which will be convert into a successful business if you invest in our company.

Market info

Market size
Mamaearth is also a start up and it is also advertising on social media and they also have herbal hair oil but our hair oil product have differentiation from this product because they have hair oil which is for women and our hair oil is both hair types if they are girl or a boy and our hair oil is for smoothing and rebonding hairs but they made oil for only normal hairs.
Startup traction
This is cones into existence and then it make billion dollar all over the world because no any company think about a product which is for both hair types it is a natural or smoothning hairs /rebond hairs .

Total early investment
Shareholder structure
Owner type
Heena Rathore
% 50
Rajinder Singh
% 50
Investment round
Angel Investment
Investment amount
Equity on offer
% 100.0


Heena Rathore  - India
Rajinder Singh  - India
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Last update: 06.06.2020