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Startup name
Founding date
May 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Homeservices, Maintinance, Services, Maids, Projecttendering
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan

Elevator pitch

Tikram is a home services platform help users to find a qualified services providers in his area, get offers from them, comparing their offers by prices, check Service provider evaluations and qualifications in very easy way, in the other hand, the service provider will be able to find the services seekers which will help him to increase his sales & manage his work in very professional way.


Ahmad Alhaj

I am Ahmad from Jordan,I graduated from the University of Jordan with BCs in Mechanical Eng, then, I have worked in different companies in Jordan & KSA for more than 9 years & got a good experience.Finally, I found that its the time to make my own business & start my Entrepreneurship Journey

Murad Aljammal

• BCs Mechanical Engineering from University of Jordan (2007/2008) • Director & Partner at Team Arabia for HVAC Testing & Commissioning (Riyadh / KSA) (www.team-tab.com) • Co-founder at Tikram application

Amjad Awad

• BCs Mechanical Engineering from University of Jordan (2007/2008) • Technical Sales Engineer @ Saint-Gobain PAM Middle East/Dubai • Cofounder at Tikram application

Hussien Abu Eslemah

• BCs Mechanical Engineering from University of Jordan (2007/2008) • Project Manager at Dulb for Contracting (Amman / Jordan) • Cofounder at Tikram application

Business model

Target customer

Home services providers & Services Seekers

Customer acquisition strategy


Revenue model

Tikram takes a Fix commission on all the orders completed through the application from the service providers. the value will be varied depending on the service itself, but in general, it will not be more than 10 US ( 10-20 % from the average value of the most common orders for each field) Since all payments are done manually by SP through the app, Tikram ensures to capture a part of the transaction. we go to this option (fix price) to get us out from service providers fraud problems.

Market info

Market size

$ 11,400,000


In Jordan, competitors who provide same services still new to the market (the oldest one has been launched his platform since mid of 2016) so I think in this time all of us still have the same opportunity to get good equity from market, anyhow, we are depending mainly on our previous experience in this field since we have an engineering background which allowed us to make many partnerships with qualified services providers, ensure the quality of the services, and give the best prices.


  • 70 Total Service providers has been subscribed
  • 315 Total Number of Users

Startup traction

1- More than 70 services provided has been signed a contract with us to make a partnership with them and we gave them a training course to know our policy and how to use the app.
2-Tikram app Beta Version has been launched for Android in 2/1/2018
3- more than 300 users have downloaded the app in the first month (5 orders in the first month)
4- we have started to take the feedback from the users, and new features will be added to the final version
5- marketing strategy has been developed to reach more audience
6- Technical Team has been established to ensure the quality of the work
7- our target in the first 6 months, to reach +1000 orders through our application

Other information

our applications services started in Jordan, however, our next stage will be to offer our services in KSA and Palatinate, we have the ability to do that since we are four partners working in these three countries. this gives our project the opportunity to expand very fast in very short time; however, this is depending mainly on success in our small seed (our current project at this stage).
All of us have managed many projects and small companies and I think our partnership together will give us the power to continue and overcome problems & obstacles which may we will face in the future.

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The Beta version of our app is now lived, we tested and record all the feedback, now we are working on a new update, in this update we will add many features which we think it will add many values to users and solve many other problems for him.

Publication date: 12 February 2018