Achiever Food Limite

AFL is processing nutritious foods to fight anemia

Over 1.62 billion people in the world are suffering from anaemia. In Ghana alone, about 10 million people are affected. AFL has processed juices, spices, teas and mixed powders that are organic, rich in iron and fibre with quick absorption into the body. Currently, we can only meet 10% of the demands in some parts of Ghana due to our manual process. We look to automate our process to increase sale


Bright Adoboe

Bright read chemistry at the University of Ghana Legon, public and global health courses online from Yale, John Hopkins, Pennsylvania State Universities. He is a YALI RLC Fellow and the Founder of Freedom Aid Ghana where he led 15 public health projects in Ghana benefitting about 16,000 Ghanaians.

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Last Update: 22.10.2018