Agropek Ghana is into the production of maize.
Startup name
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Founding date
October 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (Android), Hardware-wearable
Atebubu, Ghana

Elevator pitch

Agropek-Ghana is a commercial farm focused on the production of both poultry products (eggs) and maize but resorted to the maize production for now. We anticipate to eradicate the perception that farming is for the old and illiterates with the use of technology. The idea is to articulate the vision and future of our farm, and to appeal to investors and external stakeholders to get involved.


Samuel Sankpo

Samuel Sankpo is a Professional teacher, a human rights activists and an entrepreneur. Sammy hails from Chair-Sombo in Nadowli_Kaleo District in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Sammy holds Master of Arts in Human Rights. Sammy has passion for youth empowerment and always gear towards that.

Kofi Sankpo Balbuo

Sankpo Kofi Balbuo is my name. I hold Higher National Diploma in Accounting. I ever worked with Ghana Education Service, World Vision, Health Insurance Authority. As an entrepreneur I established SKB Agro company as well as a co-founder of Agropek Ghana. We anticipate for the best in the coming day

Janet Zineyelle Bayor

Janet Zineyelle Bayor has a scope in Economics, Banking & Finance. Janet is an entrepreneur with modern knowledge in Agric and finance. she worked with G.O ventures, Trusty Foods,Shai Rural Bank & Barclays Bank Ghana. She holds MBA Banking & Finance From KNUST. Janet is the Project Officer of Agrop

Business model

Target customer

Hotels, Restaurants, Public Schools, Poultry Farmers

Customer acquisition strategy

There is the definite need for us to up our ante in the area of promotion in order to ensure that Agropek-Gh achieves sustainable success in business in the production. We shall strive to do this by adopting very innovative and stringent promotional activities with the sole objective of making information about our farms and our products available to our entire target market spectrum. we will include, radio, flyers, billboards, media etc

Revenue model

Currently, our products are on wholesale, retail and brick and mortal retail models but we will soon employ the advertisement and e-commerce models as well as they are in our good books.

Market info

Market size

$ 542,247,013


Agricare: the premier manufacturers of high quality poultry and livestock feeds and maize farming.
E-mail: [email protected]
GRAIN WEST AFRICA COMPANY LTD. is into the provision of food security solutions serving farmers and Governments across the West African market deploying the Silo bag technology
The Aggregators buys the maize in sacks and rebags the maize into 100 kilos or 50 kilos and sells
them to the markets, poultry farmers, schools, feed millers, and breweries


  • 2,074 Farm income
  • 1,100 Long term farm assets
  • 420 Fertilizer consumption
  • 450 Land Preparation,
  • 210 Harvest
  • 146 Labour

Startup traction

Application of fertilizer to the crop

Other information

1. Basic Value ( Acquisition of land & Clearing) $ 2 000
2. Acquisition of Technology gadgets $ 35 000
3. Managerial Team $ 6 000
4. Marketing $ 4000
5 Sales $ 3000

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Though we engage in the services of casual workers but not included here.

Publication date: 16 May 2018