Atlan Space

AI to Make Drones Smarter & Truly Unmanned
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Atlan Space
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Founding date
March 2016
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Enterprise, Hardware, Software
Space technology, Robotics
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Rabat, Rabat-Sale-Kenitra, Morocco

Elevator pitch

ATLAN Space develops proprietary technology based on Artificial Intelligence to make Drones Smarter and truly Unmanned, performing Very Large Areas' Surveillance in Emerging Market. The first use case of our technology is illegal fishing in West Africa where the region loses $1.4 Billion and 300 000 jobs. Illegal Fishing is also worldwide problem, caused by countries incapacity to monitor Oceans.


Badr Idrissi

With more than 12 years of international experience, holding different Sales, Marketing and Technical Positions, Badr was till December 2015, a Senior Account Executive in Microsoft. He holds an MBA from ENPC Business Schools in Paris, and a Telecom Engineering Degree from ENSA in Morocco.

Younes Moumen

Younes Moumen is the CTO and Co-founder. He has experienced both failures and successes in the 3 startups he already created. He is 12 years’ expert in managing large amounts of data and design AI software. He holds an engineering degree with a major in Information Technology from ENSA.

Business model

Target customer

Governments; NGOs; Marine Research institutions, Defence Ministeries

Customer acquisition strategy

We have developed Global Partnerships that introduces us to customers

Revenue model

We sell a solution that has 3 components:

• Atlan Core, the Artificial Intelligence Hardware Module to be installed in the Drone, on a one-time acquisition mode.
• Atlan Cloud: an annual subscription access to the machine learning and the updates, the first year’s subscription is offered with Atlan Core.
• Atlan Service: Annual forfeit, that includes the first installation of the Hardware on site, and a fixed number of on-site trainings for the solution, and the maintenance service.

Market info

Market size

$ 2,630,000,000



We how 2 groups of competitors:

Direct: the Military drone manufacturers such as Thales and Insitu, however their platforms always relies one human expertise ( An Expert Pilot and a Data Analyst), resources that are hard to find in developing countries, in addition the use of transmission equipment limit the operational range to a maximum of 70km.

Substitute: usage of light planes, which remains very expensive in comparison to Drones,and needs 2 pilots in the plane to perform the montoring


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Startup traction

We are operating on a Business to Business market with more than 12 Months sales life cycle:

We have Built a pipeline of 1.4 Million Dollars with 9 different customers in 5 different countries.

Other information

We have decided not to raise money on early stages and we have been bootstrapping. The reason behind our decision is dictated by our business model and the industry we are evolving in, as we are on a long-term sales life cycle.

Our capital structure that allows us to survive till December 2017 is as follows:
- Initial capital investment: 100 000 $
- Microsoft Bizspark plus program (as cloud services): 120 000$
- Global Cleantech Innovation Progam prize: 15 000$
- Réseau Entreprendre Maroc honor debt at 0% rate (not yet confirmed): 15 000 $
- IPA : 5 000 $

Publication date: 08 October 2017