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When did you start
January 2020
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Definition in 1 sentence
We are providing customize printing of car seats
Elevator pitch
75% of people around the globe love to ride sports cars, for them it would be a great part for their cars to be customized accordingly. They can customize print on the car seat cover, steering, and door covers with their names, kids' pictures, and any other design, as per their demands. Car lovers customize their cars on any events like Birthday, Valentine, Wedding and any other celebration events
Are you incorporated?
Consumer, Enterprise
Designing, Printing, Fabric
How do customers use or interact with your product?
Desktop, API
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Why do you want to attend this program?
Want to promote this unique idea, for the car & bike lovers.
Create Date
Wednesday, August 19, 2020 14:40 (Adnan Bhatti)

Business model

Describe the problem you are solving
We are going to solve the problems for car lovers & bikers, we tend to change the concept of car seats for which they can easily use customization, covers, blended seats as well. They are also use printing of their names, kids 'pictures, on-demand designs. Also customize your car seats cover according to your events, like birthdays, valentine's day, or any celebrations.
How are your customers solving that problem today?
They can buy temporary stuff from the aftermarket, through which they ruined their covers, expensive car & bike seats as well as their home-use products.
Target custormers - Define customers, who are they
How do you plan to acquire customers?
Perfect products for their cars & bike seat customize covers.
What is your revenue model or expected revenue model?
Vendor Cost: Printing & Fitting Cost: 42.50$ Minimum it depends on the material so it can be raised up to 150$.
Consumer Cost: 67.50$ Minimum and will raise up to 300$ per car Customise seat cover.
Labour Cost: 10 $ up to 50 $ accordingly.
Revenue: Minimum 35.50 $ up to 200$ on Per car
Revenue For Bike : 20$ to up 50 $
Note: Its depends on Currency Rate.

Market info

What is your target market?
Car and bike.
Fabric Printing.
What is your total available market size
$ 1,000,000
What steps have you taken to validate the market?
Worked on this unique idea under research, and found that we have a huge community for car and bike lovers, and according to my preceptions they need more customization for their cars, bike seat printed covers, as well as their fabrics.
Do you have competitors? Please write down the names
Competitor name
Competitor website
Competition: write down competitors and explain
Who are your competitors and how are you different?
Cost Per seat, we have a huge disparity between the cost and design.
Fabric Quality.
Printing Material.
Kidz Pictures Customize Covers.
Traction / KPIs
What progress have you made in the last six months?
we have made online e-commerce shopping websites, created many designs for customize cars and bike seat covers.
How many customers/users do you currently have?
What is your monthly growth rate?
It an idea that is in progress to find mentors and investors.
Describe traction


How much runway do you have left(Month)?
How is equity divided?
Equity type
Name surname
Adnan Bhatti
% 95
Adnan Bhatti
% 5
How much money raised since start?
$ 0
Revenue lifetime
$ 0
Last months revenue
$ 0
Investment round
Friends & Family round
Target fund to raise
$ 500,000
Equity on offer
% 100
Number of employees
Other info Write bullet points (Grants, prizes, acceleration)
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Owner member
Member role
Name surname
Adnan Bhatti
Customize Car Seats Printing
Bachelor Degree
School name
Punjab University
08 July 1982
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Short Bio
Working in the field of UX UI Designing since 2006, i have been worked with multiple professional organizations and companies, provide them with better printings and materialist stuff for their products.