A Subscription Box for High Quality bottled Water
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Founding date
April 2017
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E-commerce & online marketplaces
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Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Tehran, Ostan-e Tehran, Iran

Elevator pitch

Chegovara is the most convenient way to access high quality bottled water in Iran. We offer a subscription model in which customers choose the frequency to receive their favorite products such as bottled water. We are targeting the niche market of bottled water consumers in Iran as early adopters of an online subscription box store with a customizable assortment of FMCGs.


Majid Salehi

I am creative, risk taking and bold. I am right on the path which I came into this world for and I'm enjoying the ride towards great achievements.

Vahid Shahbazi

M.Sc. E-commerce. IAUT, 7 Years banking portal development, Network virtualization, MIS Implementation, Organizational Ads Production, Visual Design Expert

Hamed Jaliliani

I'm an Android developer certified by Google& Udacity! My focus is on team management by agile approach, Mobile Application Development&Coding. I'm always enthusiastic to learn about Mobile 📱and its related technologies. I'm an ultra energetic💪one, punctual ⏰ , noisy &hard worker.

Business model

Target customer

High income people who prefer to pay more for better experience.

Customer acquisition strategy

Increase geographical density of customers for fast & cheap delivery.

Revenue model

We offer time and frequency based subscription plans with CashOnDelivery/Prepayment options for payment. We offer 5%~10% discount on prepayment of 6~12 rounds of delivery.

Market info

Market size

$ 25,000,000



Our main competitors are offline supermarkets and hypermarkets. Our price is cheaper than supermarkets and our doorstep delivery is far more convenient than buying boxes of water from hypermarkets.


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  • 0 Active Subscribers

Startup traction

Our main KPIs are total number of Active Subscribers which are customers who receive water regularly from the service. TPC (Time per Customer) is the average time spent on each customer in the delivery route, which we monitor to minimize our operation costs.
We also track revenue of boxes sold each month as our financial growth KPI.

Other information

We are in final term sheet negotiations steps with one VC company.

Publication date: 08 October 2017