Pocket size mobile based electronics lab devices.
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Founding date
January 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Hardware, Software
Consumer electronics, Education, Manufacturing tech & materials, Industrial internet & IoT
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android), Hardware-non-wearable, Desktop
Istabul, Turkey

Elevator pitch

Old electronics lab devices are heavy, big, expensive and complex. Makers, students cannot buy them. We change it by making them pocket sized 60 grams and give practical and effective use with our mobile app. Now you can carry your lab in your pocket and use it everywhere simpler, better.


Ilayda Buyukdogan

I am 20 years old woman with love for STEM and innovation. I believe in the power of sharing and thats what I love most about this kind of events. Meeting many people, sharing ideas improves one's vision. I like giving pitches and reaching to people. I am a young entrepreneur and future engineer.

Burak Deniz

I'm interested in electronics. I've been working in a startup before and I've done internships in different places. We are motivated to close the gap we see on the market.

Selim Coskun Guler

Hardware engineer who is ambitous, hardworking and a traveler.

Business model

Target customer

Makers, Students, Engineers, technical services, hobbyists

Customer acquisition strategy

We are working both B2B and B2C. We will be selling from our website and from popular electronics websites. We are attending fairs, workshops, maker events to meet and get to know our customers. We will be making influencer marketing. We will also have direct meetings with schools.

Revenue model

We will sell the hardware and have a commission from the add-on sales from our mobile app.

Market info

Market size

$ 25,000,000,000


They are producing a single item where we are producing four different devices that have a unique modular structure technology. We are user focused unlike them, meaning we believe in our simple software's user friendly UX. Also we are presenting a platform for our users to build and sell their own add-ons and have interaction.


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  • 0 Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

Startup traction

We have our MVP and we have + 150 pre-orders

Other information

ITU Cekirdek
Lonca Incubation Center
ITU Big Bang- Top 20
Yildiz Technical University Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation- 1st Place
Betapitch Turkey- 1st Place
Betapitch Global Finals, Berlin - 1st Place

Publication date: 12 April 2018