Aqua Globe

The invention relates to aqua exercise equipment.
  • Sector Fitness, Physiotherapy, Rehab, Treatment
  • Country Denmark
  • Founding date September 2017
  • Stage Users
The devices are invented as a new sport method for fitness and rehabilitation. we made a new design of the fitness that can people do fitness in many different ways. The method of new sport is not in the market and we are a new company that has a right to the sale as a new company. Aqua globe can instal underwater with multi-function exercise and overload system.


Fitness, Physiotherapy, Rehab, Treatment
Consumer, Enterprise
Product usage or interact


Target customer
All swimming pool,Hotels,Fitness cente, Hospitals,physiotherapy center
Customer acquisition strategy
we expected a Markup revenue model for the business.
Revenue model
We will start marketing through media and also by internet marketing. we will do also visit many organization and centre that can use our product in a successful way. we work on an app that can connect our customers in many countries to our company. Our time will find an ambassador around the world to share our business and find more customers and sales representative in many countries.

Market info

Market size
We do not have competition startup or companies that are searching to show that no company has our product. The products and the fitness method is new in the market and registered that as a patent and design in PCT organisation. Our product can use in many different places that make to sale it in many different customers. The products are protecting from the copywriting low.

Total early investment
Shareholder structure
Owner type
Liza Najar
% 70
Parasto Ossanloo
% 30
Investment round
Angel Investment
Investment amount
Equity on offer
% 50.0


Liza Najar  - Denmark
Parasto Ossanloo  - Iran
Total team member
Last update: 15.07.2020