Bring the social back in social networking. Let's users plan, meet, do and share activities together. Phenomenal growth of 30-50% MoM.
Startup name
Founding date
January 2016
Total team member
Startup stage
Social media
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Elevator pitch

Millennials are having a hard time finding like minded people around, discover and plan activities together. With a motto of "Plan. Meet. Do.", Dogether let's people collaborate & plan activities over common interests. With a registered user base of 400,000+ and a 30%-50% MoM growth across metrics, 180,000+ activities have been planned on Dogether.


Hammad Jilani Jilani

Hi, I am Hammad! I have done my Schooling & Engineering (Electronics Major) from New Delhi, India. I started my 1st startup in 2012, which tanked. I started my 2nd startup in 2014, which tanked again. Dogether is my 3rd startup! I am a design-enthusiast and an all-out hustler. I love philanthropy.

Darayus Chhapkhanawala

I am a physics-enthusiast and love riding bike!

Business model

Target customer

Millennials; Aged 18-30; Like outdoor activities & meeting new people.

Customer acquisition strategy

Seeding offline activities, university programs, online campaigns

Revenue model

1. In-app bookings: Book P2P experiences and charge a commission on every experience booked

2. Sponsored posts: Increased visibility & charged CPM

3. Sponsored products & services: Target advertising according to user activity; target CPM

Market info

Market size

$ 6,000,000,000


Meetup: Only for organised and formal events

Couchsurfing: Only for travel community

Facebook Event: Only for organised and formal events

Happn: Only for dating use-case Only for bookings of events [not a social network]


  • 390,000 Registered user base
  • 252,000 MAUs
  • 23,000 DAUs
  • 180,000 Todos created

Startup traction

We are growing at 30-50% MoM across metrics. In the past 6 months our user-base has grown at over 40% MoM. Over 1,000 activities are planned on Dogether every day! And almost 40% of our users are organic in nature which reduces our CAC to $0.1.

Other information

1. Finalist of Fb Start Program by Facebook for high growth startups

2. Among top 66 best startups in the world at RISE Conference, Hong Kong, 2017

3. Finalist of Mbillionth Award, 2017

4. Selected for virtual program for startups by Nasscom

5. Featured in Business World, India Today and DNA

Publication date: 25 August 2017