Peer-to-peer talent recommendation platform.
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Founding date
November 2016
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Social media, Recruitment, Creative Industry, Job Market Platform, Recommendation Platform, Human Capital
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DKI JAKARTA, Indonesia

Elevator pitch

Recommendation has been a critical factor for us to make a decision. Recommendation for foods, hotels is easy to get, yet recommendation to find skillful individuals is hard to obtain. DOORS enables us to find skillful individuals in one platform, trusted because it comes with recommendations from those who experienced their brilliance directly.


Samuel Amarta

I started my own HR consulting firm 3 years ago to fund my startup, DOORS. My life's purpose: to help people and organizations to fulfill their potential. Top 5 strengths (Gallup): Strategy,Ideation,Communication,Competition,Individualization A half-musician: vocal teacher and arranger

Business model

Target customer

Young mothers and health practitioners in Jakarta

Customer acquisition strategy

Partnership with health educational institution and mothers community

Revenue model

Monthly Subscription with 2 sources:
Green package to boost their profile as a talent ($3,5/month), and
Blue package to enable recruiter to contact our talents ($4,5/month).

Estimated Annual revenue after 3 years from now is 2,4 million dollars, coming from 5% of users pay for green package, and 20% of users pay for blue package.

Market info

Market size

$ 2,400,000



Linkedin and
Competitors: focus on collecting CVs, their platform is dominated with self-claimed content, most of profiles only expose skills that related to their primary job.
DOORS.ID: focus on collecting endorsement, our platform contains of reviews from other's perspective, users can expose any skills they have.
Our competitive advantage: more trusted, because filled with only recommended people. More complete, because you can find any skills in this platform.


  • 190,000 Number of users
  • 47,500 Number of paid users (average per month)
  • 113,000,000 Serviceable market in Indonesia

Startup traction

"Serviceable market" is all internet users in Indonesia with age in between 19 - 54 years. This age group are potential because they make their most of decision by themselves and need recommendation from other people when it comes to searching for skillful individuals. On the other hand, this group age is also need to boost their reputation through skills endorsement.

"Number of users" are our target market for next 2 years, which are young mothers and health practitioners in Jakarta. We realized skills that consistently needed in any stage of life are skills related to health. We also believe that young mothers are actively looking and giving recommendation about their experience with health practitioners.

"Number of paid users" divided into 5% of users pay for green package, and 20% of users pay for blue package.

Publication date: 04 May 2018