Kwayela's agro comp.

Cocoa transformation factory
  • Sector Manufacturing Foods And Non Fo
  • Country Cameroon
  • Founding date July 2018
  • Stage Idea
Kwayela's agro-processing is a start-up idea for opening up a factory for the transformation of cocoa to other products. Cameroon produces about 200000t of cocoa out of this only 15% is been processed. Conducting a market research, I noticed that the demand for cocoa oil is high in relation to supply but the constrain is to meet up to the constant supply. With the local method, one cannot Meetup.


Manufacturing Foods And Non Fo
Consumer, Enterprise
Product usage or interact


Target customer
Confectionerie, cosmetics companies and supermarkets.
Customer acquisition strategy
Online advert, lauching, street advert, online stores and radio/TV
Revenue model
My expected revenue model will involve
-Chanel sales (indirect sales)
- Web sales
-Direcy sales.

Market info

Market size
Chococam is a competitor for the product chocolate but also serve as a big market for the cocoa oil. It is the only chocolate producing company in Cameroon. It's own by the state.
Startup traction
-Costomer response.
-market research: with the market research conducted, I noticed the demand for cocoa products are high in relation to supply. The problem with the demand is that they need it in large and continues supply which with the local mean of using the hand, one can not meet up to such market.. especially the large companies and also the like to work with organization that has registration number for accountability. So having a well establish factory with registrations number will gain hold of the large market available already.

Total early investment
Shareholder structure
Owner type
% 100
Investment round
Angel Investment
Investment amount
Equity on offer
% 100.0


Sama Desmond Kwayela  - Cameroon
Total team member
Last update: 12.09.2020