Sieger (GB) Limited

Enter A daring New World
  • Sector Financial & payment services
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Founding date January 2020
  • Stage Prototype
Enhance and transform your forex trading strategies! Build and deploy Algo trading systems quickly in the form of a SaaS platform. The Sieger-1FxSoL SaaS Algorithmic Trading Platform is the smart solution to accommodate forex traders' unique needs, allowing them to run their online FX trading more efficiently without the need to set up any costly infrastructure at any time and anywhere.


Financial & payment services
Consumer, Enterprise, Software
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android), API, Server software (ie, databases))


Target customer
Individual (Retail traders), Pro trader or Money Managers, FX Brokers
Customer acquisition strategy
Direct sales, online and offline marketing, referral strategies
Revenue model
Running and maintaining an Algorithmic trading platform is a highly complicated and costly affair. Automated trading needs constant monitoring and care. That is what we offer to our users. We are the caretakers of Algo trading doing the hard work so that you don't have to. Based on the monthly subscription, we have four main revenue streams.

1. Solo Trader - €25 per user per month.
2. Team Trader €50 per user per month.
3. Enterprise - €1500 per month.
4. Customize - €2500 per month.

Market info

Market size
Competitor name
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Our uniqueness is underlined by our blockchain, which records and stores all the transactions securely to reduce a dispute between trader and broker. Our other services, such as the forex brokerage solution, are more mainstream. With these, we are also adding more standard services to our portfolio. We also enable our customers to use remote monitoring and management through mobile apps, which is unique. All is utilized on top of existing MT5 accounts.
Startup traction
1. Milestone.
Where are we now?
We are in the prototype ready phase and successfully tested, including published online demo in July 2020. Next up, we are going to make this available to all traders as a service.

1. Q4-2019. Idea. We see the opportunity in the online forex trading industry has growth significant for Algorithmic trading. That's why we are planning to develop SaaS Algorithmic trading supported by blockchain technology.
2. Q1 – Q2 2020.
a. In Jan 2020, Sieger (GB) Limited was incorporated in the United Kingdom.
b. In Mar-Apr 2020, CIO and CTO joined the team.
c. In May 2020, the 1FxSoL project started.
3. Q3 2020. We are here. By 07/2020, We have proven the feasibility of the core technology and published an online demo.

2. Timeline.
a. Launch 1FxSoL V.1.0 to the public.
b. Start generating revenue.

Total early investment
Shareholder structure
Owner type
Andreas Andri
% 25
Giancarlo Caputi
% 25
Milan Kazarka
% 25
Martin Gergel
% 25
Investment round
Angel Investment
Investment amount
Equity on offer
% 30.0


Andreas Andri  - Indonesia
Milan Kazarka  - Slovak Republic
Total team member
1. Andreas Andri, Indonesia (CEO). His proficient as a Business Developer who is always working hard to gain more insights and lookout for opportunities that can help in reaching organizational goals and success for each stakeholder. 2. Giancarlo Caputi, Canada (COO). Giancarlo's skilled in planning and managing complex initiatives that achieve the desired goals of improving productivity and increasing operational efficiencies, customer relations, change management, and streamlining processes. 3. Milan Kazarka, Slovakia (CIO). Mika is a former product owner at a subsidiary of Toyota. Product development experience since 2003. Former design patent owner. Studied engineering, telecommunications technologies, and art. 4. Martin Gergel, Slovakia (CTO). Martin is a prodigy python and backend systems developer. Startup and software development experience from working with the CIO in the same company. Experience with deploying complex web interfaces and backends.
Last update: 23.11.2020