Let your neighbor cook for you.
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Founding date
January 2017
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E-commerce & online marketplaces, Food & nutrition, App
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Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

Elevator pitch

Fastest-growing on-demand homemade food delivery service in Bangladesh, raising fund to expand business in whole country. With a proven and high generating revenue model, we empower women in society and ensure ordering healthy food from neighborhood.


Mahdy Hasan

Mahdy Hasan has 6+ years of experience in Sales, Customer Service & e-commerce. He has founded CinemaPeoples - a network of filmmakers in Bangladesh which helps filmmakers to connect each other and collaborate. Passionate, Patient & Persistent - 3Ps are well enough to describe him.

Sheikh Jafar Tarique

Tarique is a co-founder of Food Peon Ltd who has more than 10 years experience in IT industry. Apart from contributing in technical part, he also contributes in business planning, decision making and implementing new ideas. Before joining the team, he founded another IT enabled service provider.

Asaduzzaman Asad

Asaduzzaman has 20+ years of experience in several industries including IT and apparel manufacturing & marketing. He is a co-founder of Food Peon Ltd. and works closely with the team in business growth strategy. Asaduzzaman has founded a successful IT enabled service company - Tech Cloud Ltd.

Business model

Target customer

1m+ Moderate & above income family, Job holders, Housewives

Customer acquisition strategy

1. Social Media Marketing 2. Referral

Revenue model

Transaction/Commission Model. We get 15% of each transaction made on our platform. Plus, we charge customers a minimum fee (average ( $1 ) as shipping charge. Therefore we get $2.5 fro each order.

Market info

Market size

$ 2,500,000,000



In competitors' platforms, the cooks prepare a dish of their choice and upload pictures along with the premium price & date of prepare. Customers can order and wait for the specific date to get it. On contrary, Foodpeon gives the customers full control over their own choices. Customers can visit website, find nearby kitchens using location search, order from listed foods, wait for few hours and get it delivered to own doors. Also, our foods price is quite reasonable comparing competition.

Startup traction

In 3 years, our plan is to:
- Expand business to Dhaka, Sylhet & Chittagong city where 2 million people order food online
- Deliver 5000 orders per day from 800 home kitchens in Bangladesh
- Generate a revenue of USD 5 million annually

Other information

Our mission is simple: eat healthy food at reasonable price.

We need to expand in two sectors - hiring great people like in Strategy & Marketing Division; and developing logistics so that we can deliver more orders. Currently, we are delivering only on-demand homemade food. But, we can expand it to daily meals, event foods, premium foods, own-branded fast food (like wrap) and more in future.

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Foodpeon's unique model empowers housewives in our country by giving them the opportunity to cook and sell healthy food from own kitchens. It's an on-demand food platform where customers can order for individuals, corporate clients & special events - conveniently, affordably & quickly with low delivery fee.

Download our android app from here:

How it works:
a. Customer orders
b. Chef cooks
c. We deliver

Following problems are being solved:
- Homemade food is costly in Bangladesh
- Healthiness is an important concern while having meal
- Lack of opportunity for housewives in Bangladesh to contribute into economic growth
- It usually takes long time to get homemade food at door
- Poor customer service

Revenue is generated by:
1. Delivery fees
2. Sales Commission

Publication date: 15 June 2018