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Web app for Water and Wastewater Treatment operation system to speed up the predictive analysis and make business and environment better
  • Sector Enterprise software
  • Country Indonesia
  • Founding date November 2020
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Are you tired in analyzing how many chemical coagulant you want to dose for you wastewater treatment plant and it fails? From weeks of analysing into minutes! This IoT and Machine Learning system integrator is not only securing the discharge standard, but also lower your plant operational cost!


Enterprise software
Enterprise, Hardware, Software
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android))


Customer acquisition strategy
all of Water or Wastewater Treatment Plant users must need my product. By using public knowledge sharing, like MOOC (Massive Online Course), search engine, Group Discussion, training, panel discussion, conference and emails, my product will be easily to be recognized by the users or customers.
Revenue model
App Subscription, Advertising from consulting company, 1 time payment of app and hardware bundle, licensing, freemium, journal purchase, installation, training for water operators, extra advice or assistance from expert, product purchase

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Ayu Mutiara Hapsari
% 100
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% 60.0


Ayu Mutiara Hapsari  - Indonesia
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Last update: 07.12.2020