An (AI) assistant that tracks what you eat helping you listen to your body, own logic & data you collect yourself & trust to avoid diseases.
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February 2017
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Software, Enterprise, Consumer
Food & nutrition, Health & wellbeing
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API, Server software (ie, databases)
Nairobi, Nairobi Province, Kenya

Elevator pitch

Unwellness at work is a global epidemic suffered by billions of workers and costing the world's economy 10-15% in output. Due to medical costs and productivity losses caused by chronic diseases, of which the majority are preventable. At Fudplus, we see this as an opportunity to empower people to build healthy habits. This will improve health outcomes, mood, energy levels, and productivity


Allan Chepkoy

I have passion for data & because of that, i have a diverse background in various technologies and tools in the field. I am a self taught machine learning engineer, dropped out of university in 2015 to embark on my startup journey. Currently exploring AI (Machine Learning ) in health.

Derrick Gakuu

Passionate in developing products that solve problems and transform the world. I love working in an exceptional and highly innovative community of like-minded enthusiast who want to solve real problems with sustainable solutions in healthcare using latest technologies (Artificial Intelligence)

Business model

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Revenue model

Software as a Service & B2B sell of fudplus coins

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Market size

$ 43,000,000,000



Current methods for wellness assessment rely on self-report and manually recorded instruments and food frequency questionnaires. We have developed a deep learning-based food image recognition algorithm to make the process painless and easy to use by our users. It is highly personalized by machine learning algorithms. And a cryptocurrency reward system which is an important key to inspiring participation in the community.

Startup traction

We have shipped our core platform to messenger (A private beta with 50 users) with a dashboard and recommendation system.

Publication date: 30 September 2017