Future Engineer Kit

Kit for children to simplify robotics &electronics
Startup name
Future Engineer Kit
Founding date
August 2017
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Startup stage
Product usage or interact
Gaza, Palestine

Elevator pitch

Through my experience at Future Engineer Club there is a large gap in children learning robots and electronics,The Future Engineer Kit helps children understand robots and electronics in a practical way, the child simply assembles the electronic pieces to get the final result of running the electronic circuit and the robot.


Abdulrahman Awad

Mechatronics Engineer - Founder and Director of Future Engineer Club for training children in electronics, robotics and computer sciences - Volunteer work at 4 Shabab International Palestine office - Volunteer work with Palestinian Telecom Group for Development

Yaser Alkayali

I am a mechatronics engineer.

Osama Musallm

I graduated from Gaza Training Center (GTC), majored General Equivalency Diploma Mechatronics , I am 24 years old ,I worked at Palestine Real Estate Investment (PRICo) , I am working for Jawwal Mobile Communications Company , I am working for Palestine Cellular Communications Company (Jawwal) .

Business model

Target customer

1,192,808 students in Palestine, 2,914 schools in Palestine

Customer acquisition strategy

Content Marketing, Building awareness

Revenue model

The revenue will be through selling the kit in the local markets: for individuals, selling to summer camps, selling to schools, in addition to educational institutions such as: Abdulmohsen Al Qattan Foundation, Al-Nayzak, Tamer Institute for Education.

Market info

Market size

$ 1,000,000



-The difficulty of the arrival of competitors to the local market targeted by the future engineer kit because of the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.
-The design of the future engineer kit different from the others kit The Future Engineer kit has more design so it targets the age group greater than 4 to 16 years.


  • 0 Training children in the Future Engineer Club camp
  • 0 Training of children in schools

Startup traction

- We are developing and promoting awareness of children by providing an appropriate training environment for their education of technology and robotics sciences.
- We aim to build an academy to teach kids engineering science and robotics computer science.

Other information

$6600 won as the prize in Business and Technology Incubator-BTI

Publication date: 29 October 2017