helps you share your style with your friends.
Startup name
Web address
Founding date
April 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Social media
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Ankara, Turkey

Elevator pitch

Giftx is a social commerce app, helps you to share your favorites on an online store with your friends. Shortly, Google knows what you search, Facebook knows who your friends are and an online store knows what products you view. But, Giftx knows all.
With Giftx, you discover what your friends like, want and need, plus where it is selling.


Levent Eribol

BsC METU Mechanical Engineering. Completed BTSP in METU Computer Engineering, with 1st degree. 15 years of experience with 12 years as entreprenurship. Exp for 8 years in IT sector of product developing and manager. Success of EU Horizon2020 for 2 times. Knowledge of data mining and analysis.

Oktay Öztürk

Graducated as Industrial Engineer from METU 2006 and having MBA degree. 12 years in professional life, 9 years as entrepreneur, 8 years’ experience in SaaS and B2B sectors as business management, marketing, strategic planning. Chairman of Ihale Teknolojileri A.S.

Business model

Target customer

Intersection of social media and e-commerce user. Brands for ads.

Customer acquisition strategy

Social media marketing, PR studies, content marketing, viral campaings

Revenue model

Sponsored product listing
Person/time/location based targeted product suggestion
Click per cost product ads,
Data/market trend reports

Market info

Market size

$ 80,000,000



Conventional social media platforms (facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest etc.) can already be used to share an online product with friends. However, you posts many other things beside what you liked. So, it is almost impossible or impractical to find what you liked for a follower.
That is the main difference with Giftx and other parts is as below;
Google knows what you search, Facebook know who your friends are, Store A knows what products you view. Giftx knows all.


  • 30,000 Active Users - 1st Year
  • 3,221,000 Net Income 3rd Year
  • 2,585,000 Net Income 4th Year
  • 9,795,000 Net Income 5th Year
  • 15,563,000 5 year cumulative income
  • 100,000 Active Users - 2nd Year
  • 250,000 Active Users - 3rd Year
  • 500,000 Active Users - 4th Year
  • 2,000,000 Active Users - 5th Year
  • 465,000 Net Income 1st Year (minus)
  • 430,000 Net Income 2nd Year

Startup traction

Giftx is at the viable product stage.
Web, IOS and Android mobile apps are ready and in use.

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We are highly experienced on data mining and B2B SaaS aplications in public procurement solutions in Turkey.
Giftx is a social media for users however it is a real time market research tool for brands to gain who liked what, from where, where he/she is, whose friend is he/she etc.
Brands can collect data not only just for their brands but also from all the brands on the market. So, by using Giftx Business solutions, brands can target potential customers according to liked, friends, location, time etc.

Publication date: 02 April 2018