Awarded and Guided Social Media App
Startup name
Web address
Founding date
July 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Paying users
Enterprise software, Mobile, Social media, B2b
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Istanbul, Turkey

Elevator pitch

Gittick will reward every share the user makes in line with certain criteria; It's a social media portal where the brand can control and even share.
We aim to be an application where people can present products, decorations, events and services that the markers want to bring to the forefront as users' tasks, and market them with the customers who are the real advertisers.


Erol Demirtaş

I have been a part of the start-up and restructuring processes of international ventures such as Coca-Cola,BAT,Groupon, Zomato, Grupfoni ve Quandoo. Also I provided consultation to projects such as some start-ups. I am still continuing consultation services for The Scandinavian-Turkish Chambers of C

Business model

Target customer

Any Brands and All social media users

Customer acquisition strategy

Faster and cheaper ads.Authentic content.Sales guarantee with Wallet

Revenue model

Annual Subscription
Post-Pay: The fee to be paid for each share made on behalf of the right of the brands

Market info

Market size

$ 250,000,000,000



Can only return data feedback to advertisers
Cannot provide real interaction between advertisers and users
Most users are disturbed by in-application advertisement
An excessive number of fake users (bots) and most data does not reflect the thruth

The user interacts with the Brand in a one-to-one relationship.
The brand can control the sharing made on its behalf.
The brand can share the user's wish (product, decoration, event)


  • 1,730 Users
  • 15 Client
  • 12,000 Revenue

Startup traction

Since the application was released on beta since 13.01.2018
•Meeting (Clients): 57
•Agreement: 14
Marketing: Only WOM effects have received a total of 1730 downloads so far without any advertising work. 655 Mission attendance took place. We anticipate that we will be able to achieve the following goals with a healthy advertising practice.
Revenue: 4000$

Publication date: 13 April 2018