Online media platform for rural development.
  • Sector Agriculture, Government, Media
  • Country Philippines
  • Founding date November 2018
  • Stage Prototype
We are the world's first online media platform for rural development using decentralized applications.


Agriculture, Government, Media
Software, Consumer
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android), API, Server software (ie, databases))


Target customer
Department of Agriculture and Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation
Customer acquisition strategy
Revenue model
Contract-selling/Licensing by metering farm data using IoT devices to be provided by a key partner (in talks with Accenture)

Commerce (Marketplace app)

Saemaul Undong Training fees

Market info

Market size
Competitor name
Competitor website
Both Provenance and Traxion offer enterprise solutions. We are different because we have the processes that adhere to the very principles of diligence, self-help and cooperation in the context of the Saemaul Undong as it applies to emerging Southeast Asian economies and Sub-Saharan African countries - our pilot targets.
Startup traction
Solicited the support of my former high school classmate to be point person in the province of Nueva Ecija as he lives there and has significant contact with various small farming towns' local government units. He advises us in the problems faced by farmers in his hometown.

Key discussion and partnerships discussed and set with the following:
> for the integration of their NFC cards in the supply chain data management.
> NextCoin blockchain expertise.
> Future onboarding of the Saemaul trained (in South Korea) professional who have solid work experience in the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA). A game-changer for us - she is to be a co-founder with primary role in Seamaul project operations.
> Integration plans with a Japanese partner to help us build DELTHA farmers' marketplace, connecting local Philippine farmers to Japanese consumers. Though this can be rolled-out on a latter date considering the pandemic effects in consumer confidence.

Total early investment
Shareholder structure
Owner type
Oliver Tamis
% 26
Bim Garcia
% 25
Joel Gacayan
% 25
Jess Ocampo
Employee stock option
% 12
Donvi Tagaban
Employee stock option
% 12
Investment round
Angel Investment
Investment amount
Equity on offer
% 2.0


Oliver Tamis  - Philippines
Bim Garcia  - Philippines
Joel Gacayan  - Philippines
Total team member
Now in October 2020, and with the local Philippine economy opening up, we have set Q1 2021 to be our start of visit to the onion farming villages in Bongabon, Nueva Ecija province in Luzon. This is in consensus with the new Saemaul expert we have on board as she advised to spend the remainder of Q4 2020 preparing for the visits and documenting the village demographics, what their current problems are and the proper solutions the Saemaul principles can help create for them.
Last update: 11.10.2020