Help and Click

A social app to help the missing and endangered.
Startup name
Help and Click
Web address
Founding date
July 2016
Total team member
Startup stage
Social media
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Dhaka, Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

Elevator pitch

Help and Click is a social app which will help find missing or endangered friends or family members. This is a platform where users can communicate through posts, informations, images and comments to locate their missing ones in the shortest possible time. This app also works as a central information system.


Rownak Islam

Involving in something new is my passion! Started to make app with my friends and won the prestigious "8th mBillionth South Asia Award" last month with this app Help and Click. Now dreaming of enlarging it to overcome the problem of lost and found "lives"! Looking forward to this event eagerly!

Shadman Majid

Energetic and auspicious. Developing new and innovative technologies is my passion. I have been part of this startup since its birth. We won the prestigious "8th mBillionth South Asia Award" last month with this startup. Now dreaming of something bigger.

Farhan Sadik Sium

I always like to think out of the box. Playing with new and innovative ideas has always been my passion. I have been part of this wonderful team ever since it has started its journey. We hope to go a long way.

Business model

Target customer

Our target customers are the government and the general people.

Customer acquisition strategy

We want to acquire customer through government and advertisements.

Revenue model

1. CSR Fundings from renonwed telecom companies.
2. Advertisements of hospitals and other similar service providers.
3. Selling information to the government and law enforcement agencies.
4. Donation from general people.

Market info

Market size

$ 150,000,000


As this is the first of its kind social app, we have no current competitors in the market. So, this product has a unique market value.


  • 10 Customer acquisition cost(USD)
  • 2,005 Lifetime Value(USD)
  • 200 Monthly Burn(USD)
  • 1,500 Active Users
  • 50,000 Expected Active User(By 2018)

Startup traction

"Help and Click" is designed in such a way that it can be implemented in any society. First of all, this app will act as a huge helping hand for the government in locating the missing persons. As the issue we are addressing is prevalent in developing countries like Bangladesh, the telecom service providers and the hospital authorities will also be interested. Currently, this app has almost 1500 users. Through media advertisement and engagement of government, we expect the number to increase very rapidly within 1 year. We expect the customer acquisition cost to be 10 dollars. As this app solves a very core problem of our society, it has a long lifespan. We hope the lifetime value per customer to be 500 dollars. As this is a global issue, we really expect investors from different countries to show interest in our product so that they can implement it in their country to solve the issue of locating missing or endangered friends and family members through a single social platform.

Other information

• Winner in “8th mBillionth South Asia Award-2017”
• Top 10 in “Bangladesh National App Contest-2016”
• Shortlisted for final round in “Asia Pacific ICT Awards-2017”.

Publication date: 09 September 2017