Food explorer, Everyday different taste
Startup name
Founding date
May 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Paying users
Food & nutrition
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

Elevator pitch

Most people in major city prefer to buy food at street food market due easy way to get and affordable price even though they knew and realized there are not healthy and poor quality. We solve those problems by our partnership with food material suppliers and thousands of skilled home chefs to provide affordable hi-quality food from traceable materials.


Munsi Liano

I am a Programmer and I have experience more than 15 Years in IT Business. My last position was General Superintendent at the largest mining company "PT Freeport Indonesia".

Derry Indrawan

I passioned on mobile app development. I have many idea to create service.

Agus Triadi Wibowo

I love design and creating interface architectures for websites and mobile applications through a user-centered design process by constructing screen flows, prototypes, and wireframes.

Mahendra Mahendra

Graduated ITS – Data Science. Microsoft Certified Solution Developer. Microsoft Certified Solution Associate.

Aditya Pratomo

An MSc graduate with experience in procurement, strategic sourcing and strategic planning for global automotive manufacturing and FMCG company. Proven project management skills, strategic sourcing, supply-base rationalisation and cost reduction.

Business model

Target customer

corporate, working people, and healthy food lover

Customer acquisition strategy

Send samples of food to potential client, opening new food assembly

Revenue model

30% net profit from food material supplier
30% profit from food sales
Food Materials supply to home chef

Homade - Business Derivative :
Fintech Platform to provide cooking equipment and co-kitchen place
Proptech Platform to provide food assembly sites and co-working Kitchen
Edutech Platform to provide food education for peoples who want to join Homade

Market info

Market size

$ 1,800,000,000



GoFood is food marketplace from Physical Nearby Restaurant , they're focused on Delivery System by GoJek.
Homade create circulate micro economic at home starting from plantation until home cooked sales.


  • 12,408 Homade product sales (qty) since Aug 1st,2017
  • 20 Home chef selected from thousand moms
  • 2,000 Apps download
  • 11,280 Revenue (USD$) since Aug 1st,2017
  • 3 Homade Food Assembly Sites since Aug 1st,2017

Startup traction

A breakthrough in food business :
- Provide thousands of menus from various Home Chefs with Own Standard Quality Control.
- No need to build our own kitchen
- Low investment to expand new site food assembly.
- Partnered with urban farmers around Jakarta with 15 Hectares of land to provide organic food materials
- Empower homechefs to get extra money.
- Greening big city by Urban Farming
- In association with iGrow (runner up startup Istanbul 2015) and 101salads to provide traceable food materials

Other information

3rd Place Startup Istanbul 2017

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We enhanced the homade features starting Aug 1st, 2017 from retail to catering services due to less transaction since product launched on June 4th, 2017.
Homade become food menus assembly from various selected home chefs rather than only marketplace platform.
Homade provide the food materials from nearby Urban Farming so we can assure quality and traceable source.

Publication date: 08 January 2018