Moms cooking at you pocket through your smartphone
Startup name
Founding date
May 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Paying users
Food & nutrition
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

Elevator pitch

We are not a restaurant delivery. we solely focus of delivering quality food to the customer at a very reasonable price using non-productive assets of others.
We focus on delivering quality food at a very reasonable price USD$ 1.5. Not the fancy food with fancy ingredients of perfect presentation, but rather a day-to-day food which are similar to the one your mom cooked at home.


Munsi Liano

I am a Programmer and I have experience more than 15 Years in IT Business. My last position was General Superintendent at the largest mining company "PT Freeport Indonesia".

Derry Indrawan

I passioned on mobile app development. I have many idea to create service.

Aditya Pratomo

An MSc graduate with experience in procurement, strategic sourcing and strategic planning for global automotive manufacturing and FMCG company. Proven project management skills, strategic sourcing, supply-base rationalisation and cost reduction.

Lukita Lusviana

I am an energetic, focused and dedicated individual who has an ambition to succeed in any given environment. With my background in Culinary and Hospitality, I am eager to pursue my professional career and ready to overcome challenges at any given situation.

Business model

Target customer

Working people who spend > $2 for lunch

Customer acquisition strategy

Send samples of food to potential client, opening new food assembly

Revenue model

We take profit 30% from food sales and pre-cook raw materials. We provide fintech to support our spreading food assembly across Indonesia with profit sharing , 30% place provider, 40% who fund this place and 30% for homade.

Market info

Market size

$ 1,800,000,000



GoFood is food marketplace from Physical Nearby Restaurant , they're focused on Delivery System by GoJek.
We provide access to the comfort of mom's cooking through your smartphone. Cheap, good quality food. Delivered


  • 26,000 Homade product sales (qty) since Aug 1st,2017
  • 61 Home chef selected from thousand moms
  • 2,000 Apps download
  • 35,000 Revenue (USD$) since Aug 1st,2017
  • 4 Homade Food Assembly Sites since Aug 1st,2017

Startup traction

We have launched the apps on Google Playstore and it has been downloaded 2000 times in which 1000 is an active users with order conversion of 5%.

On the market side, we have managed to increase our customer based (unique customer) by 2900% (76% per month), expand our network of homechef by 1675% (62% per month) since we started back in October 2017. As the result, our traction grew by 429% (32% per month) to 6595 orders and jumped our monthly sales by 370% to around USD 10k on Feb 2018.

On the operations side, we have opened our 4th assembly site within the Jakarta's business district while preparing for the 5th and 6th assembly sites in which we plan to open in Q3 and Q4 2018. On top of that we are currently focusing our resources to complete all the menu with Ready-to-cook material so the business can easily replicated, extend the shelf life and to improve the quality of the food while on the other hand also extend the shelf life.

Other information

3rd place Startup Istanbul 2017
1st place Get in The Ring (won the national round and selected as the representative of Indonesia in their global event on May 2017).

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We modified our business model and our operating model from last time we updated. In order to crank up the profitability, we extended our value chain towards raw material development. We implemented centralized procurement for the raw material and developed Ready-to-Cook material to reduce the cost while on the other hand improve quality standard. On top of that, we reduced the investment risk by employing profit sharing method for our food assembly and transferred the burden of investment to our partner.

Publication date: 17 March 2018