• Company : FrontEnd Ventures
  • Title in the company : General Partner
Seasoned capital markets professional and deal maker. Forming an early stage VC fund to target tech start ups in Kenya
  • Company : BeOnline Web Solutions (SMC-PVT) Limited
  • Title in the company : Managing Director
An IT professional & Entrepreneur who is passionate about using technology to solve civic and economic problems of human being. Have over 10 years of ...
  • Company : Zebramo Inc.
  • Title in the company : Founder
Founder & CEO at Zebramo Inc. (C2C marketplace), founder at CosmeClub Inc., ex-Beenos, previously founded Cloudoq (acquired)
  • Company : Agility Global Logstic
  • Title in the company : Venture Capitail
I worked investment for Decade in China and middle East
  • Company : Abstract Works Limited
  • Title in the company : Senior Technology Consultant
I am an IT professional
  • Company : Mobily.wa
  • Title in the company : OOT
Looking for communication startups to grow together
  • Company : Forum Connecting Cultures
  • Title in the company : Manager
  • Company : Reddit, Riverside Ventures
  • Title in the company : Director
Director, Reddit
Partner, Riverside Ventures
  • Company : Virtual Force
  • Title in the company : Head of Technology
Tech mentor with 18 years of experience. more details here
  • Company : PostFinance
  • Title in the company : Investment Manager
I possess experience in the conception and realization of digital solutions. As a versatile Product Strategist and Manager with technical affinity I b ...
  • Company : Petronas
  • Title in the company : Senior project engineer
Passionate to the E-World
  • Company : DVK Construction
  • Title in the company : General Manager
30 years in challenging projects, now interested in passion startups.
  • Company : Vision Venture
  • Title in the company : Founding Partner
  • Company : PinVin Investment and Consulting
  • Title in the company : senior Associate
I am working as senior associate at Pin Vin Investment and consultancy.
  • Company : QR International LTD
  • Title in the company : CEO
I am an experienced business manager and willing to provide consultancy and investment on startups .
  • Company : IT Company
  • Title in the company : CEO
Dedicated to adding value through technology, Content Arcade is not a new name when it comes to the IT industry. Our company has established itself as ...
  • Company : Etohum
  • Title in the company : CEO
Creandum is a VC with a main focus in seed and series A funding. They have funded 75 companies to a total of €435 million raised. Their smallest initi ...
  • Company : Tick IT Solutions & Consultancy Ltd
  • Title in the company : Managing Director
An ambitious, resourceful and innovative young man with strong drive to create wealth and improve on the society standard of living.
  • Company : Bestway Group Bangladesh
  • Title in the company : Chairman & CEO
I have my passion to work for poverty stricken people in regards of housing,health,education,food and cloth etc like need based industry in Bangladesh ...
  • Company : Tarvenn Ventures
  • Title in the company : CEO
Tarvenn CEO.
International M&A and business development executive.
  • Company : SABA Investing
  • Title in the company : Project manager
project manager skilled in many phases of engineering operations. with expert planning, drafting and project management skills, Successful at anticipa ...
  • Company : Innovation House
  • Title in the company : R&D & Assessor
Rule number one, Believe in yourself
  • Company : Abdi Ibrahim Pharmaceuticals
  • Title in the company : Head of Strategic Planning
Mert is the Head of Strategic Planning and Marketing Excellence division at Abdi Ibrahim Pharmaceuticals. He has recently joined the company to lead t ...
  • Company : ControlloTech for intelligent building
  • Title in the company :
We are company working in Home Automation and related systems.
  • Company : Stichting SPARK
  • Title in the company : Business Developer
I am coming from a complicated background with good work experience in relief and development. I lived in a corrupted and then war country for long, ...
  • Company : BlueMedia
  • Title in the company :
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  • Company : Technolera
  • Title in the company : CINO
​I'm holding a MSc. degree in Industrial Engineering from METU and
a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering from YTU. I've experiences in
* Risk managemen ...
  • Company : Inno-Vest Advisors
  • Title in the company : Director
Global Strategy/Investment & Cross-border M&A firm.
  • Company : vc
  • Title in the company : partner
experienced in TMT operations and lately investing in early stage start ups
  • Company : Contriber Ventures
  • Title in the company :
Entrepreneurial minded investors looking for great spirit and execution.
  • Company : TRANGELS Finansal A.Ş
  • Title in the company : Founder Partner
15+ years multinational experience in HP and Fujitsu-Simens as Sales&Marketting director.
Founder partner of TÜRKKEP first Registered Email servic ...
  • Company : WebdenAl
  • Title in the company : Partner
Strong academic background for business. Angel investor. Experienced in, E-commerce, Entrepreneurship, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and Sta ...
  • Company : Mergermarket
  • Title in the company : Correspondent
Financial Journalist covering fundraising rounds of startups
  • Company : 10xC
  • Title in the company : CEO
7-time Silicon Valley entrepreneur, now invest a fund through 10xC
  • Company : Vision Ventures
  • Title in the company : CEO & Founding Partner
1st to bring Internet into Saudi. Founder @SaharaNet , Founding Partner & CEO @VisionVCco Entrepreneur by nature, helping startups grow in the region ...
  • Company : PT Dana Syariah Indonesia
  • Title in the company : Founder & CEO
  • Company : All Ears Innovation
  • Title in the company : Founder and CEO
We deliver advising, strategy, network and 1) sweat and 2) cash investments. Further, we provide global marketing at all levels by our great inhouse t ...
  • Company : tawani foundation
  • Title in the company : tawani foundation
i am the manager of tawani foundation
  • Company : Yintrust
  • Title in the company : Branchly Innovation
I help companies operating in biotech and healthcare in developing their business in China.
I seek partners from venture capitals and incubators to f ...
  • Company : SWAZERLAB
  • Title in the company :
I am Eng.
  • Company : Zakaria Holdings
  • Title in the company :
I am a chemical engineer by background with experience in oil and gas. I am an early stage employee and investor in a Series B tech company, and I als ...
  • Company : Englobe Consults
  • Title in the company : CEO
I manage a pool of funds that primarily invests in Energy,Mining and Real Estate sector. We originate real estate loans and buy existing loans, do som ...
  • Company : Shar
  • Title in the company : employee
i’m very interesting to attend startups project and willing to do investment
  • Company : Supply Chain
  • Title in the company :
I am an Mechanical Engineer and working in Refrigeration field. I am really interested in future technologies and every related development would be t ...
  • Company : Mechanical Engineering and Aerunotics
  • Title in the company : Biomechanics lab
I'm a Ph.D. student at Patras University, Greece. I have a ten-year experience in different field of medical materials and different techniques in cel ...
  • Company : iFG Media Group
  • Title in the company : CEO
•20 Years management experience in start-up operations, marketing, business development and operations management.
•10 Years experience working with ...
  • Company : Vera Investment
  • Title in the company : managing partner
Several different enterpreneurships by myself but looking for good ambitious teams
  • Company : Ci Group Llc
  • Title in the company : Broker / investor
Robin Seiser, CCIM, has been an active broker and investor in commercial real estate since 1984. He founded S Management Group, Inc. in 1998 and is it ...
  • Company : Esin Hukuk Bürosu
  • Title in the company : Owner
I am a law Graduate from Bilkent University with Finance Msc from Ankara University. I work as an attorney in Ankara as well as an expert witness in ...
  • Company : Great Minds Technical Services LLC
  • Title in the company : Managing Director
Young, dynamic, hardworking and highly dedicated with high level of inter personal relationship. Fast leaner and well behaved.
  • Company : Halliburton
  • Title in the company : Project Engineer
I have a keen passion for operations and business development and this has translated in my roles over the last few years. I love innovation and huge ...
  • Company : Birim A.Ş.
  • Title in the company : COB