A social platform for women.
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Founding date
February 2017
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Communications & media
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London, England, United Kingdom

Elevator pitch

We live in the world of social networking. Ten years ago when the first ones appeared was exciting to browse around and meet new people online. Nowadays we are full of social networks where it is hard to find anything specific. Therefore we decided to create a social network for women only divided by occupation and location. easy to find the specialist one needs in every city around the world.


Boryana Hristova

I am an enthusiastic dreamer who believes in miracles. With an academic background as a journalist and a PR specialist, I came up with the idea to unite expatriate women, like myself, entrepreneurs and corporates, to put them all together globally and provide a platform for them to collaborate.

Anna Yaramboykova

Anna is a co-founder and managing partner of A.B.C Communications Group.She has been within 11 years now in sales and business development helping companies,start ups and individuals to up level their game in business by looking after them from any marketing, business and sales perspective

Business model

Target customer

Females, mothers, business women, entrepreneurs, workers

Customer acquisition strategy

from other social networks, IWConnected events, through IWMagazines

Revenue model

membership fees, events fees, advertisement on IWConnected website, advertisement on IWMagazines, advertisement on IWConnected newsletters

Market info

Market size

$ 1,000,000



Facebook, Linkedin-too much noise and hard to find people according to their location, not useful for organising events and gathering people from the same location.Takes hours to find who does what and what is their job occupation.Internations-already divided by location and occupation but still a mixture of males and females where business is hard to make,mainly organising club events or free time events. not business oriented.Females from closed societies cannot attend.


  • 200 IWConnected members on the platform
  • 2,000 Facebook members in the IWConnected groups
  • 13,400 Instagram followers
  • 5,550 twitter followers
  • 1,000 LinkedIn followers

Startup traction

Every social network follower is a potential IWConnected member. We invest in social network ads to reach more people and make our platform visible. In every city we have a coordinator whose job is to attract more members to the platform.

Other information

business knowledge
business networking
members promoting
event organising
IWMagazines for each city
targeting females only for a safe environment and rising more female role models.
Mentors in different business fields have each day of the week to educate and deliver their content for free for our members and followers only.
Aims - operating in countries where women struggle for civil rights, bringing the knowledge of the western world and making an impact.

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as it is still a new platform all our mentors and city coordinators are volunteers and we still cannot add them to work full time for our platform. All software and other work has been outsourced.

Publication date: 27 September 2017