Online roof platform for charging stations in TR
  • Sector Transport & automotive, Enterprise software, Mobile Application, Electrical Vehicle, Ev Charging Station
  • Country Turkey
  • Founding date August 2020
  • Stage Idea
There is no 1 unified platform for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations (CS) in Turkey that provides all information at once by few clicks & where EV drivers can share their feedback for better charging experience.Takfişe offers exactly the solution to this problem as a roof platform Following years a quick rise in the number of CS is expected in Turkey & we want to take advantage with Takfişe.


Transport & automotive, Enterprise software, Mobile Application, Electrical Vehicle, Ev Charging Station
Enterprise, Software, Consumer
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android), Server software (ie, databases))


Target customer
EV Drivers, EVs Charging Station, EV Manufacturers, All EV Tech. Comp.
Customer acquisition strategy
free app. to onboard,social media adv.&Referral Marketing (Green Com.)
Revenue model
Our expected revenue model will evolve depending on the development of the EV market, which will be rapidly growing in the upcoming years. But for now, as sources of income, we planned to collect monthly, annual or quantity-based commissions from Charging Stations & our customers (EV Drivers), along with Advertising Revenues. there are also EV Companies such as TOGG &Tesla which have investment plans in TURKEY.We strongly believe that they will also create new opportunities for revenues as well.

Market info

Market size
Competitor name
Competitor website
GLOBAL - ChargeMap
GLOBAL - NextCharge
GLOBAL - ChargePoint
GLOBAL - PlugShare
LOCAL - BenzinLitre
LOCAL- Car4Future
Global competitors either do not offer coverage on Turkey or provide little to none information that is hardly accurate and updated. As Local Competitor “BenzinLitre” provide information mainly for fossil fuel stations (Gasoline, Disel, NG) which is not acceptale for EV drivers as a member of green comminity & “Car4Future” main focus point is transfer energy between EVs. They want to expand their business to charging stations but as global competitors they provide little to none information.
Startup traction
August 24: Purchased takfise.com domain name.
August 25: Created social media accounts from Instagram, Facebook, twitter, youtube, LinkedIn, and mail account from Gmail.
August 28: Completed StartupIstanbul application.
August 30: Created digital-timestamp (from Sahiplen.com) for authentication.
Future Plans:
Creating a time schedule to better plan and effectively manage time
Preparation of prototypes to start developing a Demo.

Total early investment
Shareholder structure
Owner type
Gökhan Kaplan
% 60
Özge Çark Kaplan
% 10
Göknur Kaplan
% 10
Erbuğ Sağlam
% 10
Fatma Sağlam
% 10
Investment round
Angel Investment
Investment amount
Equity on offer
% 0.0


Gökhan Kaplan  - Turkey
Özge Çark Kaplan  - Turkey
Erbuğ Sağlam  - Turkey
Fatma Sağlam  - Turkey
Göknur Kaplan  - Turkey
Total team member
In the short run, my expectation is to connect with relevant people and find investment to realize my idea, which is in its infancy but already has great potential. In the long run, however, our aim is to speed up the development of EV technologies especially in Turkey, while making them much easier to reach, and eventually to contribute to society by helping the birth of a greener community in Turkey leaving a much habitable environment to next generations.
Last update: 09.09.2020