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We have set up a medical center in the outskirts of nairobi city with modern setting of an equipped hospital with all outpatient services.
  • Sector Healthy And Wellbeing
  • Country Kenya
  • Founding date August 2018
  • Stage Users
As an entrepreneur my dreams in the medical industry is to make a high end facility with all services under one roof to ease the the scarcity of these services that are still not quite appreciated here in Kenya mostly on martenal hospitality.


Healthy And Wellbeing
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android), Server software (ie, databases))


Customer acquisition strategy
We planning to do free medical camps at the beginning of our reopening as a strategy to advertise on the upscaling of our services.
Social media platforms like the one we currently using to attend to home based care patients.
Road shows that we reach far beyond this sorrounding community hence creating awareness in other communities.
Revenue model
Our revenue model is mainly service based and in service delivery at many points in the hospital may include consultation fees/specialist fee/laboratory fees /martenity fee/radiology fee/ sonography fee/and pharmacy products.
Services given at the hospital are the main revenue generator at any level of an hospital hence making it more profitable than a buy and sell business.
Services given are a continuous
Flow up process hence making the profits limitless.

Market info

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Total early investment
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Hesbon Maikara
% 100
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% 25.0


Hesbon Maikara  - Kenya
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Last update: 25.10.2020