Food security
  • Sector Agriculture
  • Country Ivory Coast
  • Founding date May 2017
  • Stage Prototype
Africa has a rich grown but can not transform its own products.
Agricultural Innovation Team of Cote d'Ivoire(AITCI) is representing Cote d'Ivoire by fighting poverty through agriculture.
We are developping the agriculture to be modern by producing and transforming the agricultural products into finished products. we are also ecologic and use the waste of banana tree to another product.


Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android))


Target customer
Restaurant, food store, students, supermarket
Customer acquisition strategy
Phone Message, Social Media, Email marketing, survey
Revenue model
For this year 2018, we produced bags of plantain 5.5 tonnes of plantain, 2 tonnes of plantain flour and 3.5 tonnes of cocoa, 1.5 tonne of cocoa powder.
- Our plantain powder cost 700 CFA for the 500 g and 400 CFA for the 300g
-Our cocoa powder cost 400 CFA for 250g and the bag of 15 kg cost 14500 CFA.
Salary: 88 000 CFA/ 2 months. Members take some food for themselves for free.(2 bags of plantain)

Market info

Market size
Competitor name
Competitor website
CEMOI is specialized in production of chocolate and Belongs to french people. It is very big firm and also produce powder in sachet and in bottle.
Startup traction
The transformation of agricultural product is the core of Africa's problems. Only 35 % of our cocoa is transformed within the country, the rest is taken outside. AIT-CI is coming to solve this problem by transforming our agricultural product into finished product in order to reduce cost. This Agricultural Innovation sustain the development in Africa by providing food orherwise to be the food self suffisent. We will be able to produce and tranform them. Products are pure organic and allow to customer to discover a lot of food ability to eat into the restorants we are partnering.
Banana flour into many food like cake, porridge attract people to know how this is possible in reality... The more important things is the products made through banana tree (the waste use into another product)
into pannier and fiber that bring to customers to use news, good product which can spend long time with them at best price.

Total early investment
Shareholder structure
Owner type
Tanoh Jean Achile Tanoh Blanchard
% 20
Tanoh Oi Tanoh Jean
% 80
Investment round
Angel Investment
Investment amount
Equity on offer
% 48.0


Tanoh Jean Achile Tanoh Blanchard  - Ivory Coast
Total team member
Since 2011, after the crisis in my country , I had looked for how to fight poverty, how to reduce unemployement? And How to show to the world that the grown can offer job to everyone. Today Agricultural Innovation Team of Cote d'Ivoire is giving us all these opportinuities by working together. Our choice is not just a simple like that. Plantain, cocoa, and now cassava to start because firsly the country is the first producer in cocoa and often in plantain and we are also a big consumer of cassava. So be able to transform the products is benefit for the customers. Because products will be cheap on the market because coming from 100% Ivorians arms. A lot of people do not have luck to be at school like some orphans, and blind people so my project help them to be self suffisant by provide them also food and job through agriculture. In these 5 years we see AITCI providing food everywhere in the world and a lot of restaurant for discorvering all kind of food from Africa.
Last update: 13.09.2020