A bridge between travelers & local activities
Startup name
Founding date
February 2016
Total team member
Startup stage
Paying users
E-commerce & online marketplaces
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus

Elevator pitch

Loacal is a travel-oriented marketplace of local experiences, a bridge between travellers and activities & tours. Currently, a live website in Cyprus & Turkey, soon to be an app. Won a one-year grant from a Government Entrepreneurship program in 2017. As of today, no other similar platform is serving this niche exclusively in Mediterranean.


Aysem Zorlu

I am a traveller, data miner, statistician, (very recent) blog writer and an agile & happy entrepreneur, but most of all, founder & owner of the travel start-up company, Loacal. I have been involved in all phases of developing, strategic planning, business execution and the creation of the platform.

Business model

Target customer

Travelers who are looking to book local experiences online

Customer acquisition strategy

Social Media Channels, Adverts and Interviews at Travel Magazines

Revenue model

Commission from sales, Advertisements on the website (both banner adverts, and from the monthly blog posts)

Market info

Market size

$ 197,000,000,000



We focus on selected countries and deliver a wide selection of quality experiences in an easy-to-use platform. We prioritise the points missing on other platforms.
* Most competitors don’t cover our focus region (Mediterranean countries) or have limited number of booked experiences
* Because they ask for registration fee or charge higher commission from locals, prices are more expensive
* Most of them have limited social reach and online visibility, despite being available for much longer

Startup traction

* MVP of website shipped and live. An improved version in progress, coming soon.
* Currently covering Cyprus & Turkey. Aiming to expand to Mediterranean countries, initially Portugal and Greece soon.
* 450+ live experiences, with more being added every month.
* Reached around 2,6k monthly active visitors with no paid marketing
* Around 9k total social media followers

Other information

$22,000 grant from Northern Cyprus Government
Selected startup for exhibition at Startup Grind Europe in London
Selected for 100 Startups of Startup Istanbul

Publication date: 04 May 2018