Mai-kawo is a crowdsourced delivery platform.
Startup name
Web address
Founding date
September 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
E-commerce & online marketplaces, Transport & automotive
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Lagos Nigeria, NG, Nigeria

Elevator pitch

Nigeria and East Africa has a growing educated middle class exploring online shopping,as the volume of demand grows the need for instant delivery becomes a premium. Mai-kawo is here to make this premium affordable.
Mai-kawo wants to make commute to work,school,gym,movies profitable by letting individuals pickup and deliver packages along their route. We are the delivery man for everyone.


Seun Sanni

A Computer Sci graduate from babcock university,Nigeria.I have been at my job for 9yrs,8mnths,worked as a core-banking support/enhancement,software tester,Quality Assurance supervisor,currently an EFT supervisor.I love to analyze and solve problems,i am quite lazy,always looking for shortest way

Dipo Majekodunmi

A versatile IT professional, possessing a keen and analytical mind with a passion for finding cost-effective IT solutions for business challenges. I am personable, resourceful and always willing to help customers and team members in a professional and concerned manner.

Business model

Target customer

Anybody who needs a delivery completed, individuals,SMEs and corporate

Customer acquisition strategy

publicity for our product on social media,bulk email,youtube ads

Revenue model

We take 10% of every successful delivery.
We also build API for corporate organizations especially ones in food business to allow them use our services.

Market info

Market size

$ 300,000,000



Max NG promises pickup and delivery in 3 hours,they have partners referred to as max champions not quite the household name like uber/taxify.Also runs a mobile app,has positive reviews from techstars accelerators.

Deliverybros: not much has been heard of their business,they seem to be in customer acquistion phase,their delivery is broken down into,laundry,cake,interstate and on-demand.
They have a mobile app as well


  • 73 Customers on the app
  • 4 Riders
  • 264 number of monthly deliveries

Startup traction

We currently have 73 customers and 4 riders on our mobile platform. These riders are there to receive requests of these customers.
We are running a parallel model for conventional delivery and crowdsourced,our conventional delivery has about 70 customers and 2 dedicated riders on salary.This parallel run helps us understand why customers would want conventional method over on-demand.
This will helpus improve the product and build a better customer centric app

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Mai-kawo app shows the user the distance between pickup and delivery location,time it will take to deliver.
Payment is made on the app and only successful payments are assigned to a rider.
Mai-kawo app updates the customer about the status of the package and location of the rider,it also allows in app calls to the rider.
Our push notification is instant,when a rider is assigned to a customer's request or status of their package changes,they are notified via push notifications realtime.
Our target riders are uber/taxify drivers,private citizens interested in making money in their daily commute.
Our target customers are individuals/professionals who need instant cheap delivery,with our model,the hiring of in-house traditional deliveryman is gone,the cost of keeping them can be invested in the business,every company that needs a delivery can 'Kawo It'

Publication date: 12 April 2018