• Company : -
  • Title in the company :
I work to create inspiring dialogues and connecting people. I have spent the last 7 years traveling around MENA (and abroad) building and conducting c ...
  • Company : Pranageo
  • Title in the company : Business Advisor
More than 20 years of global business leadership experience, worked both at Fortune 500 companies and startups in England, Canada, Sweden, Portugal, F ...
  • Company : A-League Consult
  • Title in the company : CEO
John Appiah is an entrepreneur, human capital development specialist and youth empowerment enthusiast. He holds a Master of Arts Degree in Communica ...
  • Company : Moonnet
  • Title in the company : Founder
I am a mentor
  • Company : Neurometrics LLC
  • Title in the company : CEO
Director of Research in Neurometrics (www.neurometrics.la), a consumer behaviour consulting firm.Past-President of the Internet Committee at Amcham Pe ...
  • Company : Etohum
  • Title in the company : title
  • Company : MEET
  • Title in the company : CEO
Bill Kenney has founded 6 companies. He currently leads a growing venture called MEET. MEET specializes in helping venture-backed growth companies eff ...
  • Company : jump-start e.U.
  • Title in the company : Senior Business Consultant
I studied economics, I am serial entrepreneur, have a business consultancy company, specialized in fundraising, CF, developing, 12 years exp. in IT-Se ...
  • Company : Magma
  • Title in the company : Marketing
Fifteen years of professional experience in privately held company Optimum Computers Ltd., which was selling computer software and computer parts.
S ...
  • Company : Arab Open University
  • Title in the company : Lecturer
Experienced Lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Analytical Skills, Coaching, ...
  • Company : Pk-Legal and Associates
  • Title in the company : CEO and Founder
I started my career a techie but the term “techie” alone does not make me feel satisfied then did a law degree as well. I'm currently running an IT co ...
  • Company : NeoSOFT Technologies, Web Werks
  • Title in the company : Founder, Director
Founded four companies, in the Software, Data Centre, Internet Exchange and Domain Registrar business, and advised over 100 startups throughout two de ...
  • Company : AngelHack
  • Title in the company : Regional Manager AngelHack South Asia
I am a innovation evangelist with focus on pitch / demo training & business side for early stage startups. I come with over 8 years experience in the ...
  • Company : Harman
  • Title in the company : Senior Architect
I provides consulting for architecture cloud based applications using Microsoft Azure(both IAAS (Windows Azure Pack, Azure Resource Manager, Automatio ...
  • Company : NETBAN("New Emerging Technologies Business Angel Network)
  • Title in the company : Tercan&Ildır Law Firm
I and my team,optimize opportunities in Turkey's dynamic market including the key growth areas of infrastructure development,private funds, crowdfundi ...
  • Company : Emasolar Energy
  • Title in the company : Founder
Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the renewables and environment industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Anal ...
  • Company : Etohum
  • Title in the company : CEO
Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500 ...
  • Company : Samuel Pavin group ltd
  • Title in the company : Brand Strategy
Went from being an employee in the banking industry, resigning and moving on to a year off abroad where I worked in business partnerships with IBM, mo ...
  • Company : Sabanci University SUCOOL
  • Title in the company : Coordinator
I have a BS degree in Manufacturing Systems and Industrial Engineering at Sabanci University, 2014. and Engineering Management masters degree at Galat ...
  • Company : Independant
  • Title in the company : Innovation and Strategy Consultant
Until Oct 2017, I was Program Coordinator for Google for Entrepreneurs in London, running programs such as Mentoring and Residency. As a side project, ...
  • Company : Crowd Labs
  • Title in the company : Founder & Program Director
Ayham Basheer is a marketing and growth expert. With over 5 years of experience in branding, online marketing, product growth, eCommerce and crowdfund ...
  • Company : WIKAYA
  • Title in the company : CEO
Physician and a serial entrepreneur founded several companies in the Arabic Internet and digital health fields.
Founder of WebTeb- 12m visitors a mo ...
  • Company : Startup Port
  • Title in the company : Founder
I have been involved in both the startup and established business ecosystem for over three decades. I am an Adaptive Generalist, tinkerer, troubleshoo ...
  • Company : HelpingHands
  • Title in the company :
Chinazor Oputa is an investor and mentor for tech startups. He uses his wealth of knowledge in the tech industry to guide early startups on their road ...
  • Company : Collective Spark
  • Title in the company : General Partner
Atil started his career at Andersen Consulting, has held senior management roles at Washington Post Newsweek Interactive, HealthCentral (acquired). At ...
  • Company : CredFIC
  • Title in the company : CFO
Siddhartha began in late 2016 with CredFIC as an investment technology company, supporting my proprietary trading practice, which later got a boost fr ...
  • Company : PranaGEO
  • Title in the company : Founder & CEO
As the co-founder and CEO of PranaGEO, Gert leads PranaGEO into a successful Research & Development company providing solutions for data science rese ...
  • Company : Dogus University
  • Title in the company : Assistant Professor
An assistant professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Company : Mastercard
  • Title in the company : Director
I have a diverse background including management consultancy, financial services and founding start-ups (Popkop and Gurunzi.com). Currently at Masterc ...
  • Company : Edex Business Solutions
  • Title in the company : CEO
I provide consulting around startups and building the startup ecosystems.
My efforts are focused on building the marketing tools, skills and processe ...
  • Company : etohum
  • Title in the company : ceo
Wednesday in front of the cafe. "The particular nature of Manny's vision for the space prior to opening seemed scandalous to us, even, and especially, ...
  • Company : ÖZEL Avukatlık Bürosu • Attorneys at Law
  • Title in the company : Founder
I am graduated from Yeditepe University Faculty of Law with high honor degree. I did my LL.M. at Queen Mary University of London as a Jean Monnet scho ...
  • Company : Etohum
  • Title in the company : CEO
Creandum is a VC with a main focus in seed and series A funding. They have funded 75 companies to a total of €435 million raised. Their smallest initi ...
  • Company : Fire works consultancy
  • Title in the company : Fire works consultancy
I'm a communication and social media expert and trainer.
I am also the CEO & Founder of Fireworks, a consultancy agency specialis
ed in communicatio ...
  • Company : WOW ventures
  • Title in the company : Executive director
ASAAD JAMJOOM is the Executive Director of ROTOUB Holding, Executive Director of RPS MENAT, Co-Founder of CLOVE, and the president of Asaad Jamjoom fi ...
  • Company : Educational Advancement Centre
  • Title in the company : Chief Strategic Officer
Background in Biochemistry before going into Agribusiness and finally Education.
Involved in recycling materials.
Leadership Trainer.