The future depends on the way of matter transportation. TECHBEE is drone delivery service with user friendly app for matter transportation.
  • Sector Transport & automotive
  • Country Pakistan
  • Founding date September 2019
  • Stage Prototype
Technology has brought everything on finger tips we can shop or order anything with a few clicks but mode of transportation limits us on delivery time. Drones are not limited by terrain or traffic providing us limitless opportunities and with pin point accurate delivery the service goes even beyond.


Transport & automotive
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android))


Customer acquisition strategy
Once the service is completed developed and ready to implement acquiring customer will not be a difficult task. The main objective will be to gain trust of the customers and satisfy them. For this we have planned to collaborate with some trusted traditional delivery services and Taxi services. Moreover when people will see drone flying above them to deliver stuff everyone will give it a try.
Revenue model
The revenue model is quite simple. The app will calculate the fare for the delivery on the basis of delivery time, distance and weight of the package to be delivered. According to an estimate it will cost $1 for a 30 min UAV delivery. If we assume that one UAV deliver maximum eight packages per day, it would take one and half hours of delivery time and maintenance time with twelve hours of work time during a day. If we charge $1.5 per delivery, the monthly revenue of a single UAV will be $120.

Market info

Market size

Total early investment
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Zeeshan Sarwar
% 100
Investment round
Angel Investment
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% 15.0


Zeeshan Sarwar  - Pakistan
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Last update: 19.08.2020