Momy Helper

Connecting Arab moms with a parenting consultants
Startup name
Momy Helper
Web address
Founding date
February 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Health & wellbeing
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Gaza, Palestine

Elevator pitch

MomyHelper is a mobile app that provides Arab mothers with easy, discreet, and affordable access to Arabic-language professional counseling in topics related to raising children, marital issues, and other physical and mental health topics.
It empowers Arab mothers in the Arab world and abroad to lead healthy, fulfilling, and successful lives.


Nour Abuzaher

I'm a mother, CEO& Founder of Momy Helper, I used to work as a product manger in an animation film studio. I'm a filmmaker and screen play writer and trainer in this field. a mentor of Technovation challenge, a board member at the women entrepreneurs empowerment forum.

Business model

Target customer

65M Arabic Women using internet In MENA, 18 M Arabic living abroad

Customer acquisition strategy

Building awareness, Content Marketing, Organic Referral from providers

Revenue model

Momy Helper earns revenue by taking a percentage of the payment received for each consultation session. Consultants receive almost 70% of the client’s payment, while the rest is taken by MomyHelper as revenue, and to cover transaction fees.
Also, we are adopting a subscription model in order to let mothers book more sessions.
So mothers can identify their problem, browse the available consultants, and check their bio’s and available time, they then simply book a session !

Market info

Market size

$ 2,000,000



MomyHelper is unique in the region as it is the only interactive platform engaging with this demographic of Arab mothers. It provides an affordable, private and convenient way to access consultants. While the hole of Arabic motherhood platforms just interested in providing content for mothers!


  • 8,000 Website users
  • 4,500 App Downloads
  • 120 Daily Active users
  • 10 monthly consultations

Startup traction

We are working on diffraction growth strategy in order to increase our traction :
- Building and fostering awareness among mothers by developing engaging Arabic-language online content around the significance and use of Momy Helper by end of 2017.
- Strengthening and expanding a network of consultants who provides advice to mothers.
- Increasing the number of consultations "customer" by 7% per month to reach approximately 1600 consultations over the next six months.
Working on a right way with marketing channels need to set a content marketing plan and integrate strong analytics tools in order to increase our customers also will make agreements with a convenient influencers, use the prompting videos on the different social media channel.

Other information

Yes, we raised $ 23k of pre-seed investment within the last 6 months. The breakdown of the capital is as follows:
$10K from Rana Nawas, an Angel Investor from Dubai
$5K won as the first prize in Gaza Sky Geeks’ Demo Day
$8K received as incubation and acceleration grants

Publication date: 16 September 2017