book local musicians easier for any events
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January 2017
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E-commerce & online marketplaces, Music & entertainment
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Greater Area Jakarta, Indonesia

Elevator pitch is an online platform to search & book local musicians. Nowadays, client such as wedding/event owner, hotel,cafe are hard to find music talent for their event & so do the musician. solve this issue with providing the online platform that connects clients & musician. Since started at earlier 2017, already get 1500 registered musician & serves 800 events in Indonesia.


Desty Rama Rumondang

I'm a startup & idea enthusiast. Love to create something that solves biggest problem to humanity. As CEO & company leader, im responsible to drive the team to achieve company goal, manage internal projects & create business development with potential investors, clients, and other external parties.

Reza Adiguna

I'm a music enthusiast. Try to solve problem with something new & different, in accordance with the times. As COO, Im leading the team to achieve operational excellence so every single musician can bring their best performance.

Business model

Target customer

B2C (Wedding owner, event owner) & B2B(Reguler booking in Hotel, cafe)

Customer acquisition strategy

Online advertising, Contract Partnership with B2B clients

Revenue model

20% sharing comission of transaction value

Market info

Market size

$ 26,000,000,000



Skyark is online marketplace to book high class musician & also targeting high class clients which only have 1% population in Indonesia. standing different because we are open to all segmented musicians & clients from low to high, and it makes our market is getting wider. is market place for all service, not only booking musician but also ac service, laundry, cleaning etc. Sejasa doesnt have product focus like what do in Music Industry.

Startup traction

Massive progress of since Jan 2017 until now
- Gaining trust from 4 Angel Investors to invest in
- Get 1700 Musician registered from all over Indonesia
- Serving around 80 B2B Clients/Reguler Booking (such as hotel, cafe, hotel), some big names are Hotel Aston, Hotel Ibis Indonesia
- Serving around 100 B2C Clients/One time Booking (such as corporate event, community event, wedding event, etc)
- Achieving 800 total transactions or booking with total transaction value is about IDR 567,100,000 in 2017
- Monthly growth rate is about 42%
- Reviewed by some local & national media publication such as Jogja TV, Startup Channel, IDN Times, Startup news, UGM News, etc

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Social impact is not only about business, we are here also to give an impact to musician society. Indonesia have so many great talents of musician, but they are not appreciated by so many people
- We would like to improve musician’s economy so they can get more & better job and live a better life
- We would like to awake the music industry, so everyone can aware the significance of music industry, And know they are counting
- We would like to build a lively music community so they can strengthen each other, sharing knowledge & experience
- We would like to raise musician quality standard, so they always want to give their best perform comparing to other great talents
- We would like to make ALL INDONESIAN MUSICIAN to live their passion & calling, so they will not leaving their dream again because of no opportunity or pressure from externals commit to give big opportunity to all musician to show they can, to live their dream.

Publication date: 09 April 2018