Simply organize and follow up your ToDos with your friends, family and colleagues. Tell them what to do, let them tell you what to do!
Startup name
Founding date
April 2017
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Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Istanbul, Turkey

Elevator pitch

Notemup is the new way of reminding and remembering daily todos. You send and receive todos like buying milk for your mom or the presentation due date from your boss as note cards. You can follow what you need to do with a clear list of cards. Everything is always on sight clearly. Easily update status of the note so everyone will be informed instantly. No chat,no call. Easier than ever!


Tamer Sarıtepe

Tamer Sarıtepe.Graduated from Koç University Electronic Engineering at 2011. Worked at Orange Business Services as network support engineer 2012-2014. Finansbank IT as system and network administrator 2014-2016. Established KAHYAM on demand delivery startup it failed and closed on June'17

Business model

Target customer

Anyone who needs to remember things and who wants to do it easily.

Customer acquisition strategy

Focused on recommendation among friends,families and colleague.

Revenue model

Notemup is a free to use application. It will always be free which is a must for an application to find new users and expand easily. Revenue model will be to publish a premium version which can be used with monthly fee. It will have some premium features like sync with calendars, periodic statistic about your tasks etc. For example a team leader will be able to see the performance of team members by statistics of their assigned notes. But free edition will always be available.

Market info

Market size

$ 100,000,000


There are many todo and reminder applications on the market. The thing is Notemup perspective is not an old fashioned todo list. It is a way of gathering things u need to do or you want from others in front of you in a simple, clear and easy to follow way. Its most important aspect is how interactive it is. It will ease the things you need to follow up instead of writing down everyting by yourself. So it is not possible to mention a direct competiter.


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Publication date: 23 August 2017