e-commerce For Natural Food, Beauty & Wellbeing.
  • Sector Food & nutrition, Health & wellbeing, E Commerce, Life Style
  • Country Bangladesh
  • Founding date April 2017
  • Stage Paying users
Almost each people of 170 million in Bangladesh are under the risk of Inner and outer contaminated foods and stuff. Consume risky stuff every day. 10 billion taka medicine sold in 2017 for gastric due to food & lifestyle. Every 1 out of 5 deaths accounts for pollution. We offer organic, natural and safe products to all at an affordable price. We not just sell products creating a healthy lifestyle.


Food & nutrition, Health & wellbeing, E Commerce, Life Style
Consumer, Enterprise
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android), Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS))


Target customer
City dwellers specially Dhaka medium to high income range group.
Customer acquisition strategy
We are the only platform which offer verified safe food and products.
Revenue model
e-Commerce and Subscription model.
Our business activities start with the idea of being natural. We maintain the quality with our production, Farming our own land, we do contract farming too. Then we sale through our e-commerce, we operate both online and off-line marketing. We have a home delivery system; we maintain that process through own delivery channel and delivery partners. We are ready to solve any issues arises about the products or services right after the sales also.

Market info

Market size
Competitor name
Competitor website
Meena Bazar
We have direct and indirect competition., is selling grocery. Some Modern trade (offline Super shop) also starts to sale online due to growing online selling demand. They are like, But we are the only platform which offers verified safe foods & products. With consideration of competitor’s strength-weakness and the situation, we made a strategic Ally with biggest online marketplaces. Deliver safe food and products 8 to 20% less cost.
Startup traction
We got last 18 months 3500 orders from Clients and sales amount is 35000 USD. We are dealing with 2500 plus clients now and among them, 15 percent is a regular customer and 30 percent sales volume comes from the returning customers. We have 4 institutional customers.
600 people visit our website daily in which 20% are returning visitors and 21200 people follow us on Facebook.
Now our Target is to 500 percent growth in 2019.

Total early investment
Shareholder structure
Owner type
% 100
Investment round
Angel Investment
Investment amount
Equity on offer
% 15.0


Shariful Alam  - Bangladesh
Total team member
In 2020, The global Food market will be 12 Trillion. It is estimated that the Bangladeshi Food market will be 300 billion. In 2025, the organic market size will be more than 10 Billion in Bangladesh and 80 percent Demand for Safe food come from Urban Areas. Our target is to become unicorn within 2023 and 20 percent of the market share. As we are getting fast-mover advantage both The e-commerce and Safe food Industry in Bangladesh and have the capability to make it happen. Those who become a part of an UNICORN please be a part of the Family. We are closing soon...
Last update: 19.09.2020