A free digital publishing platform for Nigerians
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Founding date
August 2017
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Startup stage
Paying users
Communications & media, E-commerce & online marketplaces, Music & entertainment
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Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

Elevator pitch

Publiseer is a free digital publishing platform for independent Nigerian authors and artists.

Publiseer lets Nigerian writers and musicians sell their books and songs respectively, on over 400 major online stores across 100 countries, including Amazon, Google Play store, and Apple store.

Publiseer is free and is the digital publishing company for the third world.


Chidi Nwaogu

I’m Chidi Nwaogu, a Nigerian physicist and computer programmer. I was a keynote speaker at the 2012 IT Leaders West Africa Summit, where I gave a thirty-minute lecture on the role of social media and mobile in developing nations.

Chika Nwaogu

Chika Nwaogu is a physicist and computer programmer. He has co-founded and sold two Internet companies in the past.

Business model

Target customer

Independent Nigerian authors and musicians

Customer acquisition strategy

Social media

Revenue model

Since our service is free of charge how do we make money? When a unit of any work (book or song) is sold, Publiseer shares in the revenue. Also, for artistes and authors intending to fast-track their publishing — instead of waiting for 2 weeks — Publiseer charges a sum.

Market info

Market size

$ 10,000,000,000



Our competitors include BookBaby and CDBaby, both sister companies. Our competitive advantage is that while other digital publishers publish books and music by charging authors and artists an extortionate publishing fee, we provide quality digital publishing for free. Many young and budding authors and artists in Nigeria live on a dollar per day, just as in any third world nation, and thus cannot afford to publish their works by paying for the publishing process.

Startup traction

So far, Publiseer has over 200 clients and has distributed over 100 books and 300 songs to over 400 online stores across 100 countries, and our customer acquisition rate is growing exponentially.

Other information

Publiseer is part of Microsoft Nigeria's Accelerate Labs acceleration program and IdeaGist incubation program.

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Publication date: 04 May 2018