Self home-designing platform
  • Sector Design
  • Country Tanzania
  • Founding date October 2019
  • Stage Prototype
Have you ever imagined visualizing your dream home before it comes to life? How convenient would it be to design your dream home collaboratively with your family and stay within your budget! HUKAYA is a self home-designing webapp that allows you to easily design your home, helps you design within budget and finally connects you with suitable architects and engineers for your project.


Consumer, Software
Product usage or interact


Target customer
Architects, Engineers and Everyone wanting to design their home
Customer acquisition strategy
Incentives, Ratings, High Quality Graphics designs, advertisement
Revenue model
The website will require monthly/yearly subscription for both standard users and professionals. The website will also provide payment plan according to various specifications such as number of designs to be downloaded as well as number of professionals the users can view and connect.

Market info

Market size
Hukaya has a number of competitors such as HomebyMe, Roomsketcher, Coohom, Roomle and Infurnia . However, Hukaya stands out in terms of providing budget/cost estimation and connection and booking of Architects and Engineers after users design their homes. Moreover, HUKAYA aims at providing a simpler (non-complex), fun and interactive user experience through its features. Hukaya will allow more specifications such as room shape selection and download of designs in various formats.
Startup traction
The Startup is not yet launched but when it will be launched, it expects to measure its success through number of professional profiles created, number of standard profiles created and number of designs created in the website.

Total early investment
Shareholder structure
Owner type
Doreen Steven Mlote
% 70
Alex Mvilli
% 30
Investment round
Angel Investment
Investment amount
Equity on offer
% 30.0


Doreen Steven Mlote  - Tanzania
Alex Mvilli  - Tanzania
Total team member
Last update: 21.09.2020