Green Tech Garden

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When did you start
August 2018
Kajiado, Kenya
Definition in 1 sentence
A hydroponic greenhouse farm growing fresh produce
Elevator pitch
GTG is a startup agribusiness aimed production of fresh vegetables and tomatoes using the greenhouses hydroponics farming technology. Its aimed at providing nutritious and high quality fresh foods to its consumers all season round. Its a soilless climate smart farming model.
Are you incorporated?
Consumer, Enterprise
Food & nutrition
How do customers use or interact with your product?
API, Mobile/Tablet (Android)
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Why do you want to attend this program?
I would like to acquire the relevant experience and skills as an entrepreneur in order to be successful in the long run through access to information and resources to enable commercialize our production.
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Sunday, December 27, 2020 19:37 (Elton Nyangoka)

Business model

Describe the problem you are solving
Food insecurity leads to poverty and hunger hence agriculture is the sources of income generator while ensuring dimensions of food securiy are met. Greenhouse hydroponic irrigation is one of the major intervention in agriculture that ensure there is food availability, accessibility, utilization and stability for the urban poor. Youth empowerment in agriculture will lead to job creation and improves livelihoods.
How are your customers solving that problem today?
Customers are more food secure since greenhouse farming ensures continuity in production even in off season periods. Households are able to purchase food products made available at the market place. Most customers may practise kitchen gardening by planting vegetables at homes in the backyard and on balconies hence cash saving and increasing food availability.
Target custormers - Define customers, who are they
Agro processor s, Large bulk buyers, Supermarkets and Hotels
How do you plan to acquire customers?
Direct sales
What is your revenue model or expected revenue model?
Outdoor vegetable production, livestock rearing like poultry and rabbit farming. Value addition of tomato to paste. We will also offer extension services and training to farmers at affordable costs.

Market info

What is your target market?
Our target market include offtakers,upscale groceries, supermarkets, institutions, food processors and open air markets. We also plan to supply to government organizations through AGPO,large bulk buyers
What is your total available market size
$ 2,400
What steps have you taken to validate the market?
We have signed longterm market supply and product offtake from the farm with major aggregators. Researched on retail market prices and gaps in agribusiness. Networking with groceries and supermarkets to access statistical data on quality standards that are required.
Do you have competitors? Please write down the names
Competitor name
Competitor website
MEFRE Enterprise
Tropical Fresh Enterprise
Competition: write down competitors and explain
They are other well established commercial greenhouse farms specialized in the same line of fresh produced as we do although our farming is modernized and more automated than theirs.
Who are your competitors and how are you different?
Our competitors are other greenhouse farms and local outdoor farmers mostly who offer organically produced products. Although there products are of low quality due to climatic changes and pest & disease infestation. Our greenhouse hydroponic farming technology uses soilless farming that grow indoor vegetables like tomatoes on pumice. We produce all year round due to controlled environment and use of nutrient solution on drip ans trough system that produce high quality and grade 1 tomatoes.
Traction / KPIs
What progress have you made in the last six months?
We have done the following activities;
Loan acquisition and processing, land leasing, greenhouse construction, chattel registration,licencing ,media preparation and treatment (pumice),greenhouse disinfection and fumigation, seedling transplanting, preharvesting operations and agronomical practises.
How many customers/users do you currently have?
We have almost 10 high-end market users who are supplied by one of our aggregators and offtakers of produce directly from the farming site.
What is your monthly growth rate?
Sales volume of upto $2400 a month for the produce. 4000kg of high quality tomatoes will be plucked monthly. The company anticipates a networth of $50000 within the next 3 years. We also plan to create atleast two job opportunities monthly to unemployed youths.
Describe traction
We currently impact almost 1000 customers monthly through direct sales and use of distribution channels.


How much runway do you have left(Month)?
How is equity divided?
Equity type
Name surname
% 50
Oyako Osoi
% 50
How much money raised since start?
$ 8,000
Revenue lifetime
$ 0
Last months revenue
$ 0
Investment round
Seed round
Target fund to raise
$ 50,000
Equity on offer
% 0
Number of employees
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Elton Nyangoka
Bachelor Degree
School name
Technical University of Kenya
26 September 1997
Nairobi, Nairobi Province, Kenya
Short Bio
My name is, Elton Albert Nyangoka, age 21 years old. Currently I am undertaking a bachelor's degree in Food Science and technology at the Technical University of Kenya. I have passion for entrepreneurship and have managed to startup a social entreprise (hydroponic greenhouse farming technology.
Owner member
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Name surname
Ednah Osoi
Bachelor Degree
School name
Technical University of Kenya
04 December 1997
Nairobi, Nairobi Province, Kenya
Short Bio
I am a hardworking woman willing to take risks in business and I believe in success and I also believe in empowering the youths to be able to take a step in this world and try something new and this can be done by taking risks. I'm also a cheerful person and I can work under pressure.