first online grocery ecommerce in Borneo
  • Sector Grocery Ecommmerce
  • Country Malaysia
  • Founding date November 2019
  • Stage Paying users
DeGrocery is the first online grocery ecommerce in Borneo. It is founded in 2019 in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia quite about the time when e-commerce is in its full-fledged stage in the region. We are solving the problem of hectic daily grocery shopping by delivering groceries at doorstep.


Grocery Ecommmerce
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android))


Target customer
Millennials, Jobholders, and every household that needs Groceries.
Customer acquisition strategy
Currently we are doing social media marketing
Revenue model
Our revenue model is we earn money on sales of products. And we will also earn money from delivery charges. Right now we are giving free delivery for promotion and we will start charging again soon.

Market info

Market size
Competitor name
Competitor website

Total early investment
Shareholder structure
Owner type
Nayeem Ullah Yeasir
% 75
Md Ziaul Huda
Angel Investor
% 5
Md Tarek Hasan
% 10
Md Mehedi Hasan
% 10
Investment round
Angel Investment
Investment amount
Equity on offer
% 10.0


Nayeem Ullah Yeasir  - Malaysia
Md Tarek Hasan  - Malaysia
Md Mehedi Hasan  - Malaysia
Total team member
Last month In December We have seen 500% growth. Our Customers are increasing on a daily basis. And our numbers of returning customers are increasing. This Month in January we are doing marketing for Chinese new year. We have done flyers and letter box marketing in new different places and housing areas. We have introduced DeGrocery in new sub cities in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Now we are distributing flyers in most of the religious Institutions like, Masjid, Temple and Churches. We are introducing new service like on demand flower delivery, we talked with local flower wholesale company already.
Last update: 23.01.2020