Machine Learning tool for Social media Automation
Startup name
Founding date
October 2015
Total team member
Startup stage
Enterprise, Consumer, Software
Social media, Machine Learning
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android), API
Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan

Elevator pitch

Sortechs is developing a social media tool to help online news portals and e-commerce sites streamline their social media post creation, optimization and publishing, capitalizing on machine learning technology to create client-focused predictive tools


Hadi Karmi

Coming from a business, financial and corporate strategy background, Hadi worked closely with entrepreneurs and start-ups, assisting them to adopt contemporary approaches to establish, run and scale their businesses.

Mohammad Khader

A web development Guru, breathes PHP and social media API’s. Khader worked on developing several “Saas” products and social media tools, for a period of more than 6 years, he was the sole man behind developing almost all competitions created by MBC group.

Talal Afghani

A passionate business developer with 12+ years of experience in the sales field; in entry, middle management and executive posts of varying scope and magnitude. Charismatic and An Entrepreneur by heart; he founded and helped scale multiple startups, Yosporty, Fitpass to name a few.

Alaa Majzoub

A digital transformer, and an entrepreneur, for a period spanning over 15 years, he founded and bootstrapped several Tech startups, his educational background is in network engineering (Microsoft System Engineer and Trainer) and business management (Lehigh University).

Business model

Target customer

News and Media portals, Ecommerce sites, Blogs, Social media agencies

Customer acquisition strategy

Digital marketing, Referrals, cooperation with News publishing CMS

Revenue model

For End users: Subscription based, Four pricing plans
For CMS portals (Via plugins or onboarded API's): reveneue sharing model

Market info

Market size

$ 20,000,000,000



- Socialflow: Deploys predictive tools that focus on worlwide datasets and not unique for each user or cohort. Sortechs on the other hand Auto-creates posts making it is easier to tag the posts and cluster them. when adding high volume of posting that our niche market follows as a practice, Sortechs can aquire a fair amount of data to train machine learning algorithms to brings more diverse outputs.
- Supports Instagram Auto-pushing. Sortechs also supports FB, Twt and G+


  • 2 Clients
  • 270 Registered users

Startup traction

We launched in mid Q1-2018, already brought in two enterprise clients, and a number of online subscribers

Publication date: 14 March 2018