Stroke Recovery

Patient physiotherapy at any time & at any place
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Stroke Recovery
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Founding date
January 2016
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Startup stage
Enterprise, Software
Enterprise software, Health & wellbeing
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Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

Elevator pitch

Stroke patients often lose the battle of life because of the drastic change in living standards and demotivation. The recovery is a slow process that involves regular physiotherapist sessions. Stroke Recovery incorporates new technologies enabling the healing to begin at home. It tracks the entire progress and gamifies the recovery resulting in a natural bridge to overcome the doctor patient ratio


Danyal Haider

By profession i am software developer. From last 3 year i am in software industry. I developed so many successful application. I am good observer too. I observe real life problems and try to fix these issues smartly.

Taha Hasan

I have 2 year professional experience in the field of software. I worked as a full stack developer.

Muhammad Faran Anwar

I am Professional software developer. From last 2.5 year i am in this field.

Sarmad Hanif

I am working as Business Development Manager. I have 6 Years experience in Product Development, Sales & Pre-Sales.

Qaseem Saleem

I have 2 year professional experience in the field of software industry. I worked as UI/UX developer. I also have strong experience of backend development.

Business model

Target customer

Hospitals, Patients

Customer acquisition strategy

Social Marketing, Awareness Conferences, Joint programs with Hospitals

Revenue model

Base Technology ($200) + License / Treatment(with partnership of authentic and attested medical institutions) this will result in both customer sales and also sales to major hospitals.
The overall benefit that the patient gets are considerably less, this doesn't take doctors out of the equation but makes them the starting point, so doctor registration is also one of the ways in which revenue can be generated.

Market info

Market size

$ 400,000


There is no competitors exist according our research. We are the first one who take this initiative .


  • 5 Hospitals Interested
  • 2 Doctors on-board

Startup traction

We have been talking to different hospitals and the overall number of staff that they have for stroke recovery patients. The have shown inclination towards such technology and are ready to invest in a pilot setup and verify the results for different category patients.
This aligns us with the first revenue model as well, where we will charge the hospital a certain amount for the license and the technology and they can sell it to the end patient on our behalf.

Secondly we have talked to 2 physiotherapists right now and they have shown willingness that they will recommend it to the patient and after the initial diagnosis and treatment plan the patient can continue to use Stroke Recovery and come for a follow up every month instead of twice a day.

We will continue to bring more people on board and also research institutions where jointly research can be carried out to provide effective metrics.

Publication date: 24 September 2017