Wellness assistant which gives personalized advice
Startup name
Web address
Founding date
June 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Consumer, Software
Health & wellbeing
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android), Hardware-non-wearable
Istanbul, Turkey

Elevator pitch

Vivoo is a wellness assistant that provides personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice to the users, based on their urine sample analysis.You are urinating on this strip and after waiting for 60 seconds you scan it with our app.In few seconds you'll receive your custom nutrition advice based on your urine test.From urine strips, we measured your water consumption,pH,protein,infection or glucose.


Gözde Büyükacaroğlu

I’m an environmental engineer and one of the co-founders of Vivosens and Vivoo. I was working on Business and Finance in Vivosens about 2 years and today I am working for Vivoo at the same position.

Miray Tayfun

Hello, my name is Miray. I am a Bioengineer. Vivosens is my third start-up experience. For more than 3 years I’m a full time researcher and the CEO of Vivosens Biotechnology which we’ve found with my partner Gözde. And now, we are working on Vivoo.

Business model

Target customer

Generally by females, white-collar, millennials.

Customer acquisition strategy

Digital channels, Indiegogo, partnership with yoga&wellness centers

Revenue model

For the B2C, we will sell our products with a subscription model. The subscription includes a box containing 4 stripes for a home-made weekly urine test and free access to our mobile app. The price of the monthly subscription is 13.90$/month and it becomes less as the users purchase a longer subscription.
Second, we will sell our products for B2B. Companies can offer their employees to track themselves.

Market info

Market size

$ 57,000


More than 500M users worldwide are using mobile health apps, yet loyalty of these products is very low: 80% of the wellness app users remove their applications within 2 weeks.
Our competitors mainly belong two categories: trackers and online health tools
-Trackers (Fitbit, Garmin…). They track generally four parameters: sleep, exercise, steps and heart rate. But they do not cover at all anything to do with users’ eating habits and metabolism.

Startup traction

Loyal user base from early adopters +2,000 users on the waitlist
Early partnerships with relevant partners +30 yoga and pilates studios in Bay Area
Early feedback & buy-in from influencers +15 bloggers, +20 influencers
POC for 2 corporations
Interest from 4 corporates for corporate wellness.

Other information

2015- Grant of Teknogirisim from Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology
2017- SME-RDI from The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey

Publication date: 12 April 2018