Naspa Auto-Spa LTD

An Eco-friendly mobile cleaning service provider.
  • Sector Social entrepreneurship & Impact, Social Enterprise
  • Country Ghana
  • Founding date October 2018
  • Stage Idea
NASPA is leading a climate action by introducing on-demand reliable steam cleaning services specifically for cars across Ghana and beyond.We also cater for commercial services such as facility & equipment maintenance.Our services are primarily aimed at lesser consumption of water & time. Our flagship engine oil tracker helps in reduction of excess carbon from cars as a result of late oil change.


Social entrepreneurship & Impact, Social Enterprise
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android), API)


Target customer
We intend selling to corporate world,business people,car dealership et
Customer acquisition strategy
Word-to-mouth, loyalty programs e.g six wheels club & quality delivery
Revenue model
On an average we intend to do approximately 23400 car washes per year which may contribute to a revenue of $93,600.00,with an additional $15,000 income from our quick lube services and $24,000 from facility maintenance making it a total of $135,600.00 net income in our fiscal year.Our revenue model will enable us settle all debts e.g advertising,salaries,transaction cost,loan to the bank if any etc and remain solvent in order be able to reinvest in year two of operation all things being equal.

Market info

Market size
Competitor name
Competitor website
Local car wash operators
Ray's Auto polish
Our main competitors are Shell, Total & local car wash operators. Any body who has the capital can equally start a car wash business which makes it more competitive.All competitors has three major similarities i.e time consuming, excess water wastage & pollution of water ways.Aside that their services are less sustainable and failed meeting modern trends of auto mobil maintenance Industry,clients had to drive to the bay,join a queue and had to deal with all the inconvenience that comes with it.
Startup traction
We have establish potential clients & job aspirants high level interest of expression. We have our website running, providing real time info to our potential clients & employees about every step we take and also allowing them to get to know our business while we get to know them through their feedback. All things being equal our anticipated launching year will be 2020. Expected % 288 cumulative (ROI) growth rate at the close of our second year of business. With our seed round investment, We anticipate a net revenue of half a million dollar by our fifth year. A proud member of the international Car wash Association(ICA) even at idea stage.

Total early investment
Shareholder structure
Owner type
Kelvin Nana Dadzie
% 100
Investment round
Angel Investment
Investment amount
Equity on offer
% 40.0


Kelvin Nana Dadzie  - Ghana
Total team member
Based on our proposal we can predict the success of the business and accept challenges and effectively mitigate the risks involved,in addition timely support from CEO,Investor & sponsors will always enable a smooth operation and a study business growth.Moreover our team which will always consist of highly trained and skilled professionals who are well versed and proficient to perform their duties in accordance to the company’s standard of operation to achieve success.Making relevant use of every single opportunity to promote and retain our client will play a key role in achieving business success.Failing to achieve all relevant objectives as planned might lead to all kinds of losses,i.e. financial loss,high turnover,trust etc therefore costing a lump sum of capital to re-strategize on the business plan.In the nutshell,we are confident that upon successful execution of all the above mentioned action plan,we can create enough greener jobs and make more profits for our partners/investors.
Last update: 10.07.2020