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Personal safety app to save millions of lives
  • Sector Personal Safety, Disaster Management', Life-Saving Mobile App, Blood Donation, Organ Donation
  • Country India
  • Founding date July 2016
  • Stage Prototype
1) No shortage of blood in any part of the world 2) Reduce deaths in road accidents in every country 3) Minimize rapes and harassment of women everywhere 4) Minimize shortage of organs for wait-listed patients 5) Recognise accident victims instantly


Personal Safety, Disaster Management', Life-Saving Mobile App, Blood Donation, Organ Donation
Software, Consumer
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android))


Target customer
Anyone who uses a smart phone in the world ( 3.5 billion people)
Customer acquisition strategy
Digital media and social media marketing after after getting funding
Revenue model
1)Paid app after acquiring 100000 Daily Active Users 2) Commission on insurance policies 3) Advertising revenue ( External ) 4) Advertising revenue ( Internal ) 5) Affiliate marketing of safety products and services etc 6) More apps in pipeline

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Market info

Market size
There is no app like ours.No competition at all
Startup traction
We have 10000 plus downloads but we have stopped promotion of app because after getting
because we want to make changes based o user feedback.--There are 2300 registered users with great feedback ( you can see on website ) It is still there on the google play store but you can not get registered--Fantastic user feedback for all lifesaving features except the registration process that we want to change after getting funding

Total early investment
Shareholder structure
Owner type
Ajit Suryabhan Vahadane
% 51
Vijay Suryabhan Vahadane
% 49
Investment round
Angel Investment
Investment amount
Equity on offer
% 10.0


Ajit Vahadane  - India
Vijay Vahadane  - India
Total team member
We shall change this world forever and make it a safer place to live by saving millions of people all over the world --Status of an unicorn does not excite us -- We want to do something which is far beyond the scope of even a Hexacorn . If any copycat competition comes up in the future, we shall demolish the competition by adding 5 more amazing features in the app in future
Last update: 25.10.2020