Progress records
Stage of your startup
When did you start
January 2020
Metro Manila, Philippines
Definition in 1 sentence
A zero waste subscription based online market place - zero waste Amazon
Elevator pitch
A zero waste, subscription based online market place, a zero waste Amazon
Are you incorporated?
Market Place, Ecommerce
How do customers use or interact with your product?
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android)
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Why do you want to attend this program?
To meet with mentors, investors, partners and collaborators for expansion
Create Date
Wednesday, August 26, 2020 16:49 (Ma.Leonelle Sandoval)

Business model

Describe the problem you are solving
The environmental issues caused by one time used plastic, the bridging of supply and demand due to COVID pandemic
How are your customers solving that problem today?
A zero waste subscription based market place which can automate delivery of basic commodities and use re usable containers on delivery
Target custormers - Define customers, who are they
How do you plan to acquire customers?
facebook ads, funneling and re targeting, virtual events and campaigns, co branding with merchants, endorsers
What is your revenue model or expected revenue model?
Commerce, advertising and Licensing

Market info

What is your target market?
10% internet users per operating country, working moms and dads, and zero waste advocates
What is your total available market size
$ 382,394,112
What steps have you taken to validate the market?
we did a pilot operations on our basic e commerce website
Do you have competitors? Please write down the names
Competitor name
Competitor website
Competition: write down competitors and explain
Who are your competitors and how are you different?
We are a market place, our system can upload several countries as one of the users, we use franchise and licensing model, we are a multi vendor market place platform similar to amazon
Traction / KPIs
What progress have you made in the last six months?
we have acquired returning customers, our social media followings grew, we started our phase 2 mutli vendor platform, we have started engaging with cross border licensee partners
How many customers/users do you currently have?
What is your monthly growth rate?
Based on July to August 2020 sales is 83%
Describe traction


How much runway do you have left(Month)?
How is equity divided?
Equity type
Name surname
Ma.Leonelle Sandoval
% 60
Jonathan Sandoval
% 20
Czarlene De Leon
% 20
How much money raised since start?
$ 0
Revenue lifetime
$ 0
Last months revenue
$ 0
Investment round
Target fund to raise
$ 2,000
Equity on offer
% 10
Number of employees
Other info Write bullet points (Grants, prizes, acceleration)
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Owner member
Member role
Name surname
Ma.Leonelle Sandoval
Bachelor Degree
School name
De La Salle University
11 June 1982
Metro Manila, Philippines
Short Bio
Experienced President with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer goods industry. Skilled in Sales, Consumer Goods, Administration, General Management, and Management. Strong business development professional with on going Master of Business Administration - MBA