Igboa Francisca

Running a fashion business afrocentric display of styles made with English and African prints , can be dresses my African and international
  • Sector Manufacturing tech & materials
  • Country Nigeria
  • Founding date January 2014
  • Stage Paying users
A business that will attract financial height and profits from all of Africa and international diaspora. Fashion in statistics has over 80 percent of the largest investor and financials profit worldwide. Understanding fashion at every season of the annual year will give more profit to fanny design..


Manufacturing tech & materials
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (iOS))


Customer acquisition strategy
I have done a research on our buyers system channel and creating a fashion crafts technique apps to spread the shops sites to ages to buy online is our systemic approach to sell to students and workers , another offline generation tool is the marketers and sellers locally that will earn on commissions and recreate a cycle of others dealers to enable the customer chain keep growing and hence sales generation is increased hence there and production of African goods and accessories consistently
Revenue model
We have build the growth of expected growth to opportunities that will leverage on proper marketing channels , this product is sellable by visual connection of seeing what is being created, the woo commerce store if created will attend to the products visible on all online stores, and with the information of wants and demand high , it’s only logical that’s a payment gateway for international buyers will be accessible at every point of purchase?

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Total early investment
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Francisca Igboa
% 100
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% 20.0


Francisca Igboa  - Nigeria
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Last update: 18.12.2019